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Palestinian Children Stage Mock Terrorist Attack on Israelis

A disturbing video clip has just emerged of Palestinian children dressed as terrorists.

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The sickening production depicting children as young as 5-years old dressed in military garb, with their young faces covered holding fake sniper rifles and semi-automatic weapons.

It begins with light smoke slowly drifting on stage, as a lone sniper follows and immediately lies prone on the ground, taking up a defensive position while pointing his weapon at the Israeli home.

Moments later another child holding a mock semi-automatic comes on stage and quickly kneels, and pumps his arm signaling for the other three children to follow.

The 5-children then spread out on stage all taking a defensive posture as they slowly make their way to the home displaying a “Star-of-David flag outside.

Once near the home, the children quickly breach the window and door, inside are two other children, one dressed as an Israeli civilian the other as an Israeli soldier, both are quickly overpowered.

The child dressed as the Israeli soldier is forced out of the home and instructed to lie on the ground face down with his hands clasped on the back of his neck, while the other child (the Israeli civilian) is carried off the stage, suggesting he’s been kidnapped and held for ransom.

Ironically, the two-plus minute video shows a large banner of “Save the Children” and Swedish Government logo at the top of the stage, which suggests a disturbing link between the charitable organization, the Swedish Government and the Muslim school promoting and indoctrinating children as young as 5-years old, to wage Islamic Jihad against their Israeli neighbors.

In fact, a program running from 2017 until 2019, sponsored by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), according to their website has given vast sums of “aid money” to schools in the West Bank and Gaza.

In total, the agency gave almost $20million to fund school projects, including $6.6million in the year this video was filmed.

The aim behind the funds is to “’prevent and raise awareness at a societal and community level that all forms of violence are not to be tolerated and that the government is responsible for ensuring child rights and protection.”

Which after viewing this sickening video, this school and others like them within West Bank should refund the money, of course, they won’t.

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A Sida spokesman said: “Swedish Development Cooperation does not support the promotion of violence or terrorism, neither in Palestine nor elsewhere.”

Adding, “Furthermore, we have absolutely no indication that the activities that Save the Children carries out in Palestine with Sida support (approximately $2 million over three years) promote violence or terrorism, and we are convinced that this is not the case.”

“As far as we can judge the only connection between this video clip and Swedish support via Save the Children is the possibility that some teacher from this school may have participated in a workshop organized by Save the Children that promote non-violent forms of discipline in schools.”

However in March 2017, The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center published video and images which depicted a similar ceremony at the same school.

In the video footage 4-children wearing uniforms of the Jerusalem Battalions – PIJ’s military wing – are seen shooting and killing two children dressed as ultra-Orthodox Jews at a mock roadblock.

The children then perform a series of weapons exercises before praying and taking selfies, the group said.

The Swedish Government has always hidden behind a policy of ambiguity even when confronted with video evidence; their existence has always depended on capitulation when it suites them.

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    They are showing the true nature of the beast called Islam. We have people screaming for us to give up our weapons, yet the Muslim will retain theirs and teach their children to hate, lie , murder and be terrorists.

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