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Beware Racist Chocolate Bars!

The British confectionery giant known as Cadbury has recently faced some serious backlash after deciding to celebrate India’s Independence Day with some delicious multi-colored chocolate. Yummy.

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The actual chocolate bar was a line of chocolates that went from light chocolates to dark chocolates…or dark to light…whichever floats your boat.

The company stated that the chocolate bar reflected the different shades of people and how they are all being celebrated under one wrapper.

Sounds nice enough, but what the company failed to understand was that it was attempting to do something nice during a time when anything dealing with color and its attachment to people will receive major scrutiny from society.

Gimme some of that dark chocolate, please

So, many of the comments from people online ranged from “what the hell were they thinking when they came up with this one” to “why didn’t they mix the colors of the chocolate rather than progress them from light to dark?” People found a million reasons why the idea totally sucked, and they didn’t mind sharing their disdain for the chocolate.

It is enough to make you wonder if you should laugh or scream bloody murder, especially since everyone somehow found a way to call a chocolate bar a racist bigot! Are we so lost in our desire to remain politically correct that we lose sense of what it means to actually have some common sense? If the chocolate offends you, then don’t eat the damn thing! Go and grab an Almond Joy…oh waitthat has chocolate on the outside and white coconut on the inside.

That might seem too reflective of a black person who, deep inside, wishes they were really a white person. It’s all so much pressure. Why can’t we just go back to the days when a chocolate bar was just a hunk of cocoa, sugar, and milk all formulated into a log meant for our consumption?

Why must we now buy our chocolate bars in privacy—along with our porn magazines and liquor—just so that we can eat them in peace without being called a traitor? It’s amazing that things have gotten so out of hand.

Unfortunately, Cadbury became a victim of their own attempt to do something great. They actually thought that they could make a statement of all shades of chocolate living in harmony under one wrapper. The only problem is that the very people who would eat the chocolate can’t even live together in harmony with other shades of people.

Can’t fault Cadbury for trying, but maybe they should just stick with those cute chocolate bunnies they are known for making. Well, at least while people aren’t demanding they create white and yellow bunnies, as well. Who knew that making chocolate would be so politically incorrect?

  1. Post Author

    Really.? I don’t want to think that people have become this idiotic to confuse a kind and respectful gesture into a form of racism.! Nothing surprises me anymore. I will continue to buy and enjoy the great tasting candy that Cadbury provides irrelevant to this ridiculous behavior.!

  2. Post Author

    How sad that people have become such idiots and it gets worse every day The nuts aren’t in the candy bars, they are the consumers!

  3. Post Author

    They are hiding from the past and their racism. They were the southern democrats that bought and sold slaves, then after the northern republicans freed the slaves they made life a living hell for them. then came the Jim Crow laws and the KKK. then when republicans fought for civil rights the democrats plugged in George Wallace in 1968 who said his major plank in the platform was ” segragation then, segragation now, segragation always!” then they said they wanted to help and then sentanced blacks to gehhtos and poor food, poor medical care and poor education. That is what the “democratic cause” has done to them and that is why they are the true racists!

  4. Post Author

    Cadbury’s is not a British Company. It was taken over by Kraft Foods in January 2010, on the understanding that production would remain in the U.K.
    Within two years Irene Rosenfeld, chief Executive of Mendelev, Kraft holding company, had closed Cadbury’s U.K. factory and moved production to Poland, having assured the British a trade Secretary this would not happen.

    So please do not call Cadbury’s British!

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