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French Nationalist Le Pen Vows To Destroy NWO

A tide of self-preservation is washing over the European landscape as millions of migrants flood northward into the welcoming arms of Germany’s Angela Merkel, France’s Emmanuel Macron, Britain’s Boris Johnson, and certain other European Union member nations.

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In the plainest possible terms, Christians and Muslims are squaring off across the Big Pond. The majority of EU leaders are following the United Nations (UN) agenda to move African refugees out of their “sh*th*le” countries (as U.S. President Donald Trump put it) to other places.

The UN is insisting that federal and local governments around the world comply with their demands to force people with warring religious views on each other. Yet, no politician or UN official ever talks about this.

The arrogant assumption is made by UN puppets holding power in Europe that their citizens will tolerate just about anything, sheeple that they are. But the situation Over There is changing rapidly as crime and crowding brought by the migrants polarize the natives.

In France, the conservative National Rally party led by 23-year-old Jordan Bardella squeezed a narrow victory in the 2019 European Parliament election against the centrist candidate and unpopular incumbent president Emmanuel Macron after voting ended on May 26 earlier this year. The official results of the 2019 European Parliament election in France were released by the Ministry of the Interior the following Monday morning, May 27.

The 2019 European Parliament election in France decided members of the 9th French delegation to the European Parliament as part of the elections held across the European Union (EU).

In a surprising upset, the Rassemblement National (RN) or National Rally – formerly the National Front party – won about 23.3 percent of the voters’ approval against the socialists’ 22.4 percent, a close margin.

The RN will get 22 seats in the European parliament immediately and an extra seat after Britain exit the EU under Brexit.

Former Europe Minister Nathalie Loiseau led the list for Macron’s party LREM (La République En Marche or Republic on the March) which will get 21 seats now and 23 after the UK leaves.

The green party led by Yannick Jadot also fared well, placing third with 13.4 percent of the vote, earning 12 seats now and 13 after Brexit.

In late March 2017, while challenging Macron for national leadership, Le Pen promised to “destroy the New World Order” after she became President of France.

Le Pen told European globalist elites that she plans to “dismantle their corrupt, self-serving institutions with my own two hands if I have to.”

The leader of the French conservatives announced in 2017:

“The people have spoken and their message is clear: the New World Order is finished.”

Speaking to a group touring the National Front party’s headquarters west of Paris, Le Pen said:

“The elite are not safe hiding behind their propaganda fueled media institutions, making unaccountable decisions in Brussels, and silencing citizens who speak out against this insanity. When I am President a tidal wave of revulsion will be coming their way, the likes of which has never been seen before.”

Those listening burst into spontaneous applause.

In a BBC interview, Le Pen expanded on how she planned to regain French sovereignty from the globalists:

“When I am elected President, I will go to the European Union and say that I want four sovereignties back. Legislative sovereignty: our laws are more important than EU directives. Territorial sovereignty: we decide who comes and stays in our country, we want borders. Third, economic and banking sovereignty: I have the right to promote economic patriotism if I so wish. And, of course, monetary sovereignty.”

Le Pen went on to say that if the EU rejected those demands, she would advise her fellow citizens to exit the tyrannical superstate. The French nationalist noted that the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, and Hungary are all dividing from the EU for similar reasons.

Three months ago, political analysts in Europe said that, because the National Rally had failed to gain additional support, winning the upcoming EU election would be difficult.

Since November 2018, there have been regular weekend protests in French cities and villages, some peaceful, some violent, by average citizens with regular jobs, who wear as their uniform the mandatory yellow jacket (gilet jaune) required kept in all vehicles for motorists to don during a roadside breakdown, the pro-EU centrists in France are understandably nervous after their future political prospects.

At issue: rising unemployment and a decreasing quality of life due to unbridled immigration. A nationalist-populist wave is sweeping across Europe as countries divide along how to treat their borders: open or closed.

Bardella was elated by his victory and scornful of his anti-nationalist opponent:

“The French people have clearly punished the president tonight, and taught him a lesson in humility,” and “Tonight, it is [Macron[ and his policies that have been rejected.”

Le Pen said the election results illustrate how the traditional left- and right-wing parties are being replaced by “national” and “globalist” groups. She told the defeated Macron to “draw the conclusions” from this “democratic rejection” and dared him to call for a new legislative election.

That won’t happen. One official in Macron’s government said:

“We regret coming in second but we are satisfied with the result.”

Last May, Macron said the EU was facing an “existential threat” at the upcoming election. It looks like he was right.

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