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Conservatives Sue Rachel Maddow For $10M

Fake news MSNBC host Rachel Maddow was finally slapped with a $10 million dollar defamation lawsuit on Monday.

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The 46-year old leftist, who aside from propagating false news is perhaps equally known for tearfully blubbering on national TV, has just been clobbered by One America News Network (OANN) for “maliciously and recklessly” accusing the conservative cable network of colluding with the Russians.

More precisely she’s in trouble for accusing the privately-owned network of being a Russian propaganda outlet.

According to a complaint filed on September 9th by OANN’s attorneys, Maddow is accused of slandering the cable news network, by publicly suggesting on a July telecast of her show, that OANN  “really, literally is Russian propaganda” on “The Rachel Maddow Show.”

Maddow as per her usual style of sloppy journalism combined with a preconceived leftist dogma referenced an unreliable article by The Daily Beast claiming that OANN’s top news reporter Kristian Rouz is a “Russian national on the payroll of the Kremlin’s official propaganda outlet, Sputnik.”

The slanderous and malicious attempt my Maddow to purposely damage the credibility of the independent news network along with the reputation of a stiller journalist was inexcusable.

OANN on July 29th demanded that both The Daily Beast reporter a guy named Kevin Poulsen along with Maddow’s publicly retract the bogus article along with the harmful remarks.

Attorney Skip Miller, representing OANN said according to a previous press release.

“This is vile, sensationalistic reporting. These defamatory statements must be retracted immediately. One America News Network has no connection to the Russian government or any other government, no connection whatsoever, financial or otherwise.”

The lawsuit just filed also contends that Comcast is also being sued for refusing to carry OANN as part of its cable programming because the network has a bias towards conservative news, and refuses to go against the progressive politics of MSNBC.

The lawsuit also alleges that Maddow and the other defendants knew her comment was false. It suggests the statement was intentionally made to hurt OANN because of the network’s conservative views.

OANN’s lawyers gave Maddow and The Daily Beast until Aug. 15th to retract its statements, according to the cease-and-desist requests sent on July 29th.

Obviously, they refused; so on September 9th OANN filed a $10 million dollar defamation lawsuit.

According to a statement, “One America is wholly owned, operated and financed by the Herring family in San Diego. They are as American as apple pie. They are not paid by Russia and have nothing to do with the Russian government.”

Adding “This is a false and malicious libel, and they’re going to answer for it in a court of law.”

Maddow has a long history of conflating and actually falsifying facts in an attempt to gin up her ratings, as was the case during the Mueller fiasco.

Even former MSNBC host Krystal Ball ripped into her former colleague stating “Just how much damage has MSNBC in particular done to the left?” Ball said. “Rachel Maddow, you’ve got some explaining to do.”

Adding, “Seriously, this is not journalism. It is info-wars conspiracy theory.”

Ball then singled out Maddow as one who built too much anticipation for former special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony.

“I single out my former employer in particular, in part because they were certainly the worst mainstream offenders,” Ball said. “Russian conspiracy was great for ratings. … Consider this whole set-up has done more damage to the Democrats chances of winning back the White House than anything that Trump could ever have dreamed up.”

Maddow along with MSNBC are an unscrupulous lot, falsely claiming early this year on her show that she had evidence by an expert analyst that the President edited out a question from a Reuters journalist asking whether Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted Trump to win the 2016 election during their meeting on July 16th in Helsinki.

However, it never happened. Washington Post reporter Philip Bump explained, that the omission had nothing to do with the President, but rather a change “between the feed from the reporters and the feed from the translator.”

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    I think

  2. Post Author

    Absolute love it that OANN is fighting back at Maddow! Keep the pedal down guys!!!

  3. Post Author

    I think its time to get rid of this big mouth . She knows nothing but fake news. She needs to get her head out of her butt & start reporting the real news & stop cutting up this President & give him the credit he is due.

  4. Post Author

    Omg…….why just $10m? MSNBC is liable as well them being her employer. Seems they has some problems controlling the bit_ _ s mouth anyway. Hell…..OAN should go for at least $250m.

  5. Post Author

    I am a ‘life long Republican’ who always listens to Maddow and think she is a ‘breath of fresh air’ and does excellent reporting the news!!!!

  6. Post Author

    Dam! If anyone has been a major propaganda mouth piece for Russia, it’s been this creature. Fake news? What total dumbed down bullshit. All these so called news reporters, journalist, news editors who knowingly tell these lies and make these fake stories up are criminals harming the American people and should be locked up where they can no longer spread their lies and cover up the truth. Maddow belongs in a mental institution or hire her as a writer for Hollywierd.

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    I really enjoy watching OANN find they are on top of what’s happening fair goes back to true reporting they are who I go to now for news happy to see someone taking action against fake made up news .

  8. Post Author

    This guy Maddow is so confused about everything. It doesn’t know fact from fiction and keep its job as a sop to the tranny community.

  9. Post Author

    If she is guilty of this charge she should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Reporters bear a special responsibility to not lead the public astray. They of all people need to be worthy of trust.

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