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TIMES “Forced” to Retract Slanderous Story

The smear merchants were out in full force over the weekend. Once again alleging that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was involved in a sexual escapade decades ago. The best part, however, was that the “alleged victim” has “no recollection” of any impropriety regarding the alleged incident reported by “get this” a Clinton connected crony.

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The New York Times, without bothering to actually report the facts from the alleged victim, ran the unsubstantiated allegation as a “bombshell” exposé late Sunday evening concerning the resurfaced allegation of sexual assault. As expected, almost all of the 2020 presidential candidates including the Hollywood mob, breathlessly went before the media demanding Justice Kavanaugh be impeached.

Until that is, the newly dubbed “rag” New York Times was once again forced to retract and update their original factually challenged article by admitting that several friends of the alleged victim said she did not recall the purported sexual assault in question.

Another piece of noteworthy news that the TIMES conveniently omitted was that the alleged victim refused to be interviewed, and has made no comment about the episode.

Moreover, the actual incident of the alleged sexual assault comes from a Clinton connected attorney who claims he witnessed the attack, decades ago.


The Times’ revision says: “Editors’ Note: An earlier version of this article, which was adapted from a forthcoming book, did not include one element of the book’s account regarding an assertion by a Yale classmate that friends of Brett Kavanaugh pushed his penis into the hand of a female student at a drunken dorm party. The book reports that the female student declined to be interviewed and friends say that she does not recall the incident. That information has been added to the article.”

How nice of them to include a key piece of evidence, that the alleged victim doesn’t recall the incident and refused to be interviewed.

However, the disclosure wasn’t due to any sense of journalistic integrity on the part of the New York Times, just the opposite. The disclosure was due to The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway, who reviewed an advance copy of the book, in which the incident appears.

The TIMES update came only after The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway, who reviewed an advance copy of the book, asserting that a Kavanaugh classmate, Clinton-connected nonprofit CEO Max Stier, “saw Mr. Kavanaugh with his pants down at a different drunken dorm party, where friends pushed his penis into the hand of a female student.”

The Times however conveniently omitted that Stier worked  as a Clinton defense attorney, or Stier’s legal battles with Kavanaugh during the Whitewater investigation, and simply called him a “respected thought leader.”

The actual passage in the book reads: “Tracy Harmon, whose surname is now Harmon Joyce, has also refused to discuss the incident, though several of her friends said she does not recall it.”

“Omitting these facts from the @nytimes story is one of worst cases of journalistic malpractice that I can recall,” wrote the National Review’s Washington correspondent, John McCormack, on Twitter.

Indeed, within a span of three weeks or so, The New York Times has been forced to apologize, retract or correct misleading articles and headlines, concerning President Trump, 9/11, the Russian Collusion hoax, and now Justice Kavanaugh.

The Times did not immediately respond to an email from Fox News seeking comment.

The paper’s editors’ note, meanwhile, did little to stem a torrent of criticism late Sunday.

Mark Hemingway of “RealClearInvestigations” said it best after the TIMES disclosed its recent mishandling, “Should I be surprised at this point that the NYT would make such an unforgivable oversight?”

The Washington Examiner’s Jerry Dunleavy wrote: “Crazy how the ‘one element’ that wasn’t included in the original article was the part where the alleged victim’s friends said she doesn’t remember it happening.”

It’s apparent that the TIMES is no longer a publication to be trusted in providing factual news. Within the last several years, in particular, they’ve become the kind of tabloid publication that one finds at the checkout counter of your favorite food store, the ones declaring within their headlines that “Big Foot has been spotted living in LA” or something similar…the Times is now ”yellow journalism” at its worst.


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    I believe that all these left leaning Democrats should be forced to leave the US
    and should go to places like Russia,Cuba,Venezuela which they claim to have wonderful political Systems. I have lived in a Russia occupied Country and I am very very happy to live in the US. In some of these countries these Democratic Idiots they would be lined up against the wall to be shot.
    The so called Squad should be shot twice to make sure they met their maker.

  2. Post Author

    There MUST be some accountability by these news outlets that just put out trash! They need to be fined big time, have licenses withdrawn, have peoples who write the stuff fired. Let’s get these folks to toe a line!

    • Post Author

      I agree and try to expose them when I can.
      About 2 years ago I stumbled across a international integrity agreement sign ed by all of our major news papers. Lost it when I transferred data to a new computer but still looking. In it the news organizations agreed to to only publish true verified articles.

      Ken Paul

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