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Impeachment Causes A Surge In Trump’s Favorability Rating

Democrats on the march to impeach Donald Trump just got another sobering wake-up call.    A poll conducted less than a week after the Party launched its effort to remove Trump from office shows him with the highest approval rating of his presidency – 49%.

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Trump’s approval rating among Democrats remains low, of course.  But his standing with Republicans remains steady as a rock, according to the poll.  And among independents, Trump appears to be gaining slightly.

The latest poll is especially significant because it was conducted by the Hill newspaper, a mainstream media organ that regularly conducts national surveys.

In the Hill’s polling just two weeks ago, Trump stood at 47%.  A month earlier he was at 46%.

In other words, Trump is clearly gaining

Other past polls that have shown Trump with such a high approval rating have been conducted by Republican-aligned pollsters, such as Rasmussen, and have long been viewed as outliers and generally dismissed by other pollsters.

The latest Hill poll, in the face of unremitting hostility from not only Democrats but the mainstream media is suggestive of how strongly the public may feel about a president who is overseeing economic boom times while keeping the country at peace.

It is also a clear indication that the public remains skeptical of impeachment.  In fact, polls to date have shown a clear majority of the country – including Republicans and independents — against the move.

And until last week, the House Democratic leadership led by Nancy Pelosi also opposed impeachment on the grounds that it could backfire on Democrats by allowing the White House to depict their party as obstructionist.

Apparently, Democrats have decided to gamble that Trump’s efforts to convince the Ukraine government to investigate Joe Biden is grounds for impeachment — and will turn the country, including mainstream Republicans, against him

But the Hill poll strongly suggests otherwise.

Trump, perhaps buoyed by the new polling, has just launched a fresh counter-attack on the Democrats, even going so far as to call on another country, China, to investigate the Bidens.

The evidence of unseemly dealings by Biden and his family is growing. And Biden himself has been caught in several lies about his overseas involvement that are likely to embarrass him further.

For example, while Biden continues to insist that he knew nothing of his son’s business dealings in either the Ukraine or China, in a New Yorker magazine article published last year his son acknowledged discussing his business dealings with his father.

And just last week a photo emerged of the former vice-president playing golf with his son and a senior executive of the Ukrainian natural gas company that was being investigated by the Ukrainian government for fraud and corruption.

The case for impeachment may also be unraveling.  The Ukrainian president has publicly disputed the idea that Trump tried to pressure him into investigating the Bidens, and a transcript released by the president seems to cast further doubt on the Democrats’ claim.

In fact, Biden seems to have been guilty of the very things he and other Democrats are accusing Trump of.

Trump has taken to calling Biden “Quid Pro Joe,” noting the former VP’s own penchant for attempting to pressure foreign government’s including Ukraine’s into complying with US wishes.

In 2014, Biden threatened to withhold badly needed US military aid to Ukraine unless the president agreed to fire the country’s top prosecutor, Victor Shokin, on the grounds of corruption.

Shokin, in fact, was the very official seeking to investigate the natural gas company on whose board that Biden’s son served and for which he earned a $50,000-month salary.  Trump’s merely insisted that the government continue with its inquiry into the Bidens.

The Ukrainian president, for his part, says he plans to do so – with or without further prompting from Trump or anyone else.

Who knows, Trump, rather than engaging in an impeachable offense, Trump may turn out to be the real whistleblower in the end.

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