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Satanic Symbols Are All Around and You Don’t Even Know It!

Someone once said that the “devil is in the details.” While that is usually taken as a warning not to overlook simple things that can make a project run afoul, perhaps the well-known idiom could also refer to the numerous satanic symbols that are all around you, that you are likely unaware of!

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None of these images are hidden; you just have to know what you’re looking for. These pentagrams, number sixes, and other spooky designs provide a visual dog whistle for those who prescribe to a more demonic way of life.

Here are some satanic symbols that you may be surprised to find are all around you, waiting to be noticed.

The Walt Disney Logo

What could be more innocent than the logo of the “House of Mouse?” True, the logo is the signature of the company’s founder, “Uncle Walt,” but some say if you look closely, you can find a series of three sixes as well. The numerals in question seem to appear in the “D,” the dot of the “I,” and the “Y,” though some people prefer to place the third six in the “W.”

The Starbucks “Mermaid”

Starbucks symbol is a happy smiling mermaid, or is it? Satanists claim the logo of the worldwide coffee chain seems to reference the Order of Baphomet, one of the many offshoots of Satanism. Specifically, the spacing of the stars and the double-circle shield design look very similar.

The White House

While it has been said over the years that various “devils” have inhabited the White House, if you glimpse an aerial view of Washington, D.C., you’ll see a massive five-pointed star with the White House sitting directly at the tip.

The Peace Sign

The two-fingered peace sign made famous in the 60s may symbolize anything but “peace.” Some scholars of symbolism say that by flashing the peace symbol you’re making the Hebrew letter for “V,” which stands for “Nail.” Nail is one of the names for Satan in the Brotherhood of Satanism, so by making this V, giving the peace sign may be technically saying “Nail,” or “Satan.”

The One Dollar Bill

Perhaps money is the “root of all evil.” The symbolism utilized on the United States dollar, specifically the pyramid topped by an all-seeing eye, is said to nod to a Satanic ritual that attempts to bring about the birth of the antichrist. Because the capstone of the pyramid on the back of the dollar hasn’t been placed on the top, the plan, or the birth, isn’t yet set, and this visual motif is meant to signal that America is doing everything it can to bring about the rebirth of Satan.

The Google Chrome Logo

Google seems to blatantly place three sixes in the logo for the Google Chrome browser. You might not see it at first, but once you do, it’s hard to miss: each color marks a different number six.

The Monster Energy Drink Logo

Monster’s logo is styled as three claw marks forming an “M.” But some theorize that these are actually the three repeated symbols of “vav,” which is the Hebrew symbol for six. When you put three of those together you get “666,” the number of the Beast.

Were you aware of these satanic symbols, are there others you have seen? Let us know in the comments below.

  1. Post Author

    There is a new court building in London, opened in 2011, which has three staircases. Each of them is shaped like a six. It’s called the Rolls Building and houses the Chancery Division of the High Court. The site previously had a house for converted Jews built on it and was founded by Henry 111 in 1231. I was shocked when I stood in the lobby of the new building and noticed the 666 for the first time.

  2. Post Author

    I saw some clouds on my way to work today that formed a face with horns and a pitchfork!!! clearly the devil was flying by!

  3. Post Author

    It’s in jewelry, its in the letters used in words, its even in the symbol @………What are we doing to promote it? How does one remove the energy the symbol represents? Awareness? Not purchasing? “They will be known for their works” (symbols) “They will not be able to walk down the street without being noticed” for a pro? Or a con?

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