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Elizabeth Warren’s Growing Credibility Issue

From falsifying a college application claiming to be of Native American heritage and the first “woman of color” at Harvard Law School and being hired by the University of Pennsylvania listed as “a minority faculty member,” to claiming to be the first “nursing mother” taking the New Jersey bar exam – Democratic “frontrunner” Elizabeth Warren has a serious and growing problem with the truth.

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Which does not bode well for Warren on the brink of becoming the number one contender, overtaking a spurting, angry and befuddled Joe Biden.

Warren’s multiple claims of being a descendant of Cherokee Indians even contributing “family recipes” to a cookbook titled “Pow Wow Chow.” However upon closer examination Warren apparently even plagiarized some of the recipes.

The lanky energetic contender’s most recent recreation of facts centers around the President’s economic accomplishments, and her narrative that the economy isn’t working for the middle class.

Which wisely all of her 2020 Democratic colleagues stay clear of, preferring instead to personally vilify the President as a “bully” who should be impeached, just because.

Warren to her credit has stepped away from the impeachment mode (for now), and has actually put forth a recommendation calling for  mandatory government-controlled “Medicare for all,” which of course like her other many credibility problems, lacks honesty and more importantly specificity, in who will eventually pay for her multi-billion dollar program, which was a point-of-contention during Tuesday’s 4th Democratic Debate, when 2020 hopeful Pete Buttigieg directly confronted Warren on that very issue.

The Massachusetts Senator didn’t answer the question preferring instead to imply that rich folks and corporations would pay the bill, through her “Wealth Tax” proposal.

However, Warren’s central theme within her campaign is the economy suggesting that the Presidents booming economy is targeted towards the very wealthy and not for average working-class families.

Unfortunately for Warren that scenario simply isn’t true and most ordinary Americans seem wise to Warren’s willful misstatements.

A Marist Poll dispelled any notions regarding Warren’s ridicules claims in that nearly two-thirds of Americans when asked whether “the economy is working well for you personally,” responded positively stating “YES.” This included a large majority within all demographic groups.

An impressive 67% of college graduates and 64% of those without a college education say the Trump economy is working for them.

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In fact, along racial demographics, 68% of whites and 61% of nonwhite individuals have a positive outlook regarding the economy.

Warren’s credibility issues seemed even more profound during a recent CNN interview, in which she disagreed with all of the major economic forecasters and polls, content with citing another Marist Poll which found 59% of committed progressives along with 55% of Democratic women, believes as she does, the economy isn’t working for middle America. Despite the actual numbers to the contrary, which suggests that perhaps a large dose of Trump Derangement Syndrome is at the root of Warren’s disorientation.

So, when Warren declares that President Trump is “part of a corrupt, rigged system that has helped the wealthy and the well-connected and kicked dirt in the faces of everyone else,” it resonates with almost no one except those on the political left.

There is a good reason for that. Unemployment is near a record low, and the United States has about 1.6 million more job openings than unemployed people to fill them.

Warren may indeed be the frontrunner soon, however void of actual economic facts along with a major credibility issue, the 70-year-old legislator had better come up with another campaign issue soon, perhaps she might want to channel the legendary “Pocahontas” for advice.

  1. Post Author

    Elizabeth Warren’s inability to do math will destroy the US economy!!!!!

  2. Post Author

    She is very much more “truthful” than our “PRESIDENT”!

  3. Post Author

    REALLY ?! You’re comparing already and easily debunked rumors and innuendoes about Warren with the continuing and completely documented lies from the narcissistic, paranoid, racist rantings of the current occupant of the White House. No wonder you call this blog the Daily Conspiracy. You should also try using better sources than Breitbart, Hannity, and Faux Spews.

    • Post Author

      Paranoid? Well if the whole progressive left were not out to get him, you might have a claim.

      Racist? I guess if you refer to the progressive mantra where anyone who disagrees with the leftist ideology is systematically labeled a racist.

      Narcissistic? Ok. You have me there, but that describes 95% of our elected officials.

      • Post Author

        It is really interesting that you chose to comment only (and very briefly) on the traits I described for Trump but neglected to comment on his extensive lying.

    • Post Author

      Typical of national democrats you have the roles reversed. You would not know the truth if it was a 2×4 knocking sense into your head. Here is another truth for you socialism has failed EVERY time it has been instituted.

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