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Lindsey Graham: All Talk and No Action

Politics do indeed “breed strange bedfellows.” Perhaps this is the reason why Sen. Lindsey Graham has been dragging his feet on his promise to get to the bottom of the Russian collusion hoax.

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Graham’s apparent reluctance in calling for senate investigations may have more to do with his long friendship with the late Arizona Senator John McCain, as the primary reason for the delay, in that McCain, despised the President, moreover had an active role in framing the President.

The South Carolina Senator made it clear at the time, that he was fed up with the Democrats lack of urgency and vowed in a much-publicized statement blasting wrongdoers,  stating; “When it comes to the FISA warrant, the Clinton campaign, the counter-intelligence investigation, it’s pretty much been swept under the rug except by a few Republicans in the House. Those days are over.”

Time passed, and apparently so did Graham’s desire to investigate those wrongdoers.

However, the lack of urgency by Graham hasn’t gone unnoticed by Fox’s Tucker Carlson who brought up the subject this week with Senator Rand Paul, asking the Kentucky lawmaker why Graham was “slow-walking” the investigation.

Carlson speculated that perhaps Graham’s inaction may be due to a strained relationship between Graham and the President regarding Graham’s “disagreement” with Trump on recent foreign policy decisions, and is thus punishing the President by delaying the investigation, which sounds on its face as an absurdity.

Graham, of course, heads up the Senate Judiciary Committee and is the only one within the committee that can call for an official investigation.

Carlson highlighted how the senator has failed to deliver.

“We’re going to call them all before the committee,” Graham said in a video clip. “Did they try to involve the 25th amendment to take the president down? Did they get a warrant against an American citizen using information that they know was flawed? Did they taint the Clinton email investigation because they are afraid that if they indicted her she would lose the election and they wanted her to win? You’re going to get answers to that to the best I can give them to you.”

He pointed out that neither McCabe nor Rosenstein have been subpoenaed, no investigations have been launched and “now his inaction extends to the Ukraine saga as well.”

Paul weighed in describing the process of calling for hearings within the senate.

“Not just any senator can do this,” the Kentucky Republican said. “So I can’t call committee hearing and drag these people in. Senator Graham has the power. He is the chairman of a powerful committee, the Judiciary Committee. Yes, I’ve encouraged him publicly and privately to do this.”

Paul gave the example of former CIA Director John Brennan and how he would like to see him questioned.

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“I would ask him very pointedly, ‘did you talk to the British intelligence agencies and did you set up spying by foreign intelligence agencies on the president or the president’s campaign?’ Because I think he did and I think that’s against the law,” he told Carlson.

However, any investigation conducted would inevitably involve Graham’s long-time friend the late John McCain who was the individual who passed the unverified dossier to the FBI.

McCain’s involvement isn’t clear, except admitting that he received the dossier from someone stating publicly, “Late last year, I received sensitive information that has since been made public.”

Adding, “Upon examination of the contents, and unable to make a judgment about their accuracy, I delivered the information to the Director of the FBI. That has been the extent of my contact with the FBI or any other government agency regarding this issue.

“It came from a former British MI6 agent who was hired from a political opposition research firm in Washington who was doing work about Donald Trump for both republican and democratic candidates opposed to Trump,”

However, McCain may have also either passed and or leaked to the media through conduit details within the phony dossier that became public, thus setting into motion the feeding frenzy of a hostile media.

Graham’s loyalty in uncovering the truth may be in conflict with his friendship for McCain who hid the fact he was the source that provided the dossier to the FBI until he was outed, and perhaps more importantly what other secrets he may have hidden.

  1. Post Author

    Lots of inaction by the GOP in DC. Graham should have subpoenaed all the deep state operatives long before AG Barr started his investigation so the American people know the kind of scum that was operating behind the seans to defeat Trump.

  2. Post Author

    Talks a great game, plays not at all the game!!!!!……SHAME!

  3. Post Author

    Because McCain’s feelings were “hurt” by what DJT said about his time as a Vietnam prisoner during the primaries, McCain initiated a false dossier against Trump to discredit him. The cancer in McCain’s brain caused him to forgo his loyalty to the American people and follow the devil’s revenge against DJT. A sad last moment in McCain’s legacy of service-putting ones pride over objectivity and reality.

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