November 2019 10 articles

Is that Coke in Your Shrimp?

If you’re looking to get high on cocaine you may not have to look much further than the seafood on your dinner plate. That’s because a number of shrimp tested have been revealed to contain unusually large traces of the drug. The story was first reported last May and has gotten more bizarre ever since. […]

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Ex-Twitter Employees Busted For Saudi Espionage

In breaking news, the United States has filed a criminal complaint against two former Twitter employees, charging that they spied for Saudi Arabia by using their positions to mine information about anyone critical of the Saudi government and fed that valuable data back to their homeland. The federal complaint filed November 5, 2019, was unsealed in […]

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Freaky Green Crop Circle In Brown Autumn Field

The high strangeness surrounding crop circles just got a whole lot stranger. Freaky, in fact. You Might Like England is Crop Circle Central, with the most reported formations anywhere in the world. The circles almost always appear on natural earth energy lines (called ley lines) over a natural spring. Almost half of all crop circles […]

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