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Why Kayla Mueller Should Be A Household Name

Kayla Mueller should be a household name in America, but she isn’t.  In 2012 she was kidnapped by ISIS while working with refugees in Syria.  She soon came to the awareness of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, ISIS’ brutal leader, who decided to turn the young woman into his sex slave.

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For years Al-Baghdadi raped and tortured Mueller.  In 2015, he decided to have her killed, according to American intelligence officials.

The Trump administration decided to name its daring raid against the ISIS leader that resulted in his death last weekend in honor of Kayla.

Dozens of young Americans have been killed in recent years by foreign-born individuals and groups engaged in criminal activity, and they rarely get the attention they deserve in the liberal media.

Sadly, it’s not hard to figure out why.

Liberals harbor a profound sympathy for people “of color” even when they demonstrate open hostility to the United States.   In the liberal mindset, America has turned much of the world against us, so we shouldn’t be surprised when they strike back – however, cruelly.

And when the victims are White, as they often are, this perverse sense of justified retribution is even stronger.  It’s as if all White people somehow “have it coming.”

It’s not just victims of terrorists, which include other young people like journalist James Foley, who was brutally beheaded by ISIS in a video distributed worldwide.

Consider also the case of dozens of young people killed by illegal immigrants.   The most notorious in recent years was that of Katie Steinle, who was killed while strolling with her father in San Francisco by an illegal immigrant who’d been deported half a dozen times – but managed to creep back into the country to commit more crimes.

The immigrant discharged a gun that lodged in Steinle’s brain, killing her.

President Trump has made the case for victims of illegal immigrants repeatedly.  He’s met with their mothers, whom he’s dubbed “Angel Moms,” to express his condolences, and to publicize the need for a tough border crackdown.
The reaction from liberals is always the same:  Trump, they say, is “politicizing” these “tragedies” to “stigmatize” immigrants as felony law-breakers.  He doesn’t care about the lives of these young people – only his “inhumane” policies toward immigrants.

They’ve gone so far as to try to block legislation Trump has introduced to make it tougher on immigrants that commit criminal acts against Americans

Earlier, we saw same this same kind of cynical liberal game in the aftermath of the terrorist attack on the American embassy in Benghazi.

When the mother of Sean Smith, the young State Department official that died in the attack, demanded answers form Hillary Clinton & Co., they lied to her and tried to shame her into silence.

When she went public, they attacked her credibility.

Trump’s concern for the victims of violence committed by foreign-born criminals is a Godsend to these mothers.  They often have little or no information about what really happened to their children and in some cases – like Mueller’s – still hold out hope that she might somehow be alive.
They need closure – and they rightly demand transparency and expressions of concern from government leaders charged with protecting the welfare of US citizens.

They’re probably not going to get much help anymore – not from liberals, who increasingly see the lives of young Americans – especially Whites, it seems – as pawns in their own bizarre game of “righting” racial justice toward “people of color.”.

Ask Americans is they have heard of Kayla Mueller.  Even after last weekend’s raid, when her name finally surfaced, they will likely draw a blank.

But ask them if they have heard of Jusse Smollett, the African-American TV actor who staged a racial hate crime on himself to draw attention to himself and hands will shoot up.

The pathology of liberalism on race and violence has reached the point where some continue to insist Smollett is a “victim.”  He’s Black after all, and though he lied, the incident he staged might well have happened to him, they say.

Our basic humanity is being skewed by the race-baiters that dominate our nation’s discourse.  And it’s getting worse by the day.

Fortunately, we have a president that insists on standing up to the reigning liberal discourse that seems to consign young White lives to the dustbin of history.

Self-hating whites aren’t righting any historical wrongs; they’re projecting their own sense of ethnic guilt on to other Whites who are genuine victims of others.

This is a sickness, as sick as racism against African Americans.

Kayla Mueller embodied the best of America – caring, compassionate, and willing to risk her own well-being to serve others.  Young schoolchildren everywhere should celebrate her a role model.  She endured three years of hell.  She’s a national hero.

We need to stand with Kayla Mueller’s parents and declare without shame:

All lives matter, even more so when they are loyal American citizens under siege from our enemies.

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