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Why Hasn’t Biden Been Charged With “Quid-Pro-Quo” as Vice President?

No doubt, if you’re like me, you’ve must have asked this question a thousand times, what’s the difference between Joe Biden actually bragging on a video clip, that he’s holding up 1 billion dollars in aid to Ukraine, unless a Ukrainian prosecutor investigating a corrupt Burisma Holdings company, that Biden’s son Hunter is sitting on, isn’t immediately fired, and President Trump asking the newly elected President to look into the systemic corruption within his country, including the obviously questionable conduct of the former Vice President?

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Moreover, why is one is an impeachable offense, while the more blatant video reordered “Quid-Pro-Quo” by Biden, is virtually ignored?

By almost any standard one wishes to apply, Biden’s overt threat and obstruction would not only be an impeachable act as President, but also a criminal act under a variety of federal laws.

In the video footage an animated and wise-cracking Biden brags that if the prosecutor investigating his son isn’t fired within 6-hours, the time he’s scheduled to leave Ukraine, the country will not get the $1 billion promised.

“Son of a bitch, he was fired,” a smirking Biden told reporters and guests gathered at a Council of Foreign Relations Conference.

Fox’s legal analyst Greg Jarrett has documented at least four federal laws Biden has broken that could land him in serious legal trouble.

The first is the “Foreign Corrupt Practice Act,” Statute 15USC78dd-1. Which states; “It is illegal for a U.S. person to coerce or influence through bribery, extort a foreign into taking action that might financially benefit that person, his family or business.”

The second law that Biden violated falls under the act of “Bribery,” Statute 18USC201b. Which states; “Whoever corruptly gives, offers  or promises anything of value to a public official to influence that public official is guilty of bribery.”

The third is the “Gratuities Act”, Statute 180SC201. Which states; “Giving, offering, or promising anything of value to a public official in exchange for any official act is a violation of the gratuities act.”

And number four is the “Hobbs Act-Extortion,” Statute 18USC 1951. Which states; “A threat to a foreign official in order to obtain an official benefit affecting interstate or foreign commerce would constitute extortion under the Hobbs act.”

Jarret contends that Biden can easily be charged with any of the four federal violations, all of which come with a heavy fine, a prison sentence or both.

The legal Fox host also suggests that the Justice Department should immediately begin a formal criminal investigation; based on the overwhelming evidence, ironically provided by the former Vice President himself, bragging on video that he bribed Ukrainian officials to drop an ongoing investigation involving his son Hunter along with Burisma Holdings, an oil and gas company in Ukraine, charged with corruption.

Jarret also proposes that Hunter Biden should appear on Capitol Hill and explain in a congressional hearing and under oath, why he was paid $85,000 a month by Burisma Holdings, with no experience in gas, oil or energy.

Moreover, Hunter admitted in a recent interview, that he would in all probability not have been sitting on Burisma’s board if his name wasn’t Biden, indicating that the only thing of value was his last name, in short selling political influence.

However that’s just the tip of the iceberg, there’s still Biden’s China connection, and Hunter’s sudden windfall, securing a $1.5 billion dollar contract just 10-days after the father and son team visited Beijing, and once again with no experience within the world of investments.

Republicans can easily counter the bogus show-trial in the House, by actually investigating Bidens documented malfeasance in the Senate.

Senator Lindsey Graham chairs the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee, and has all the legal tools at his disposal, all that’s lacking is the will.

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    Simply, these people are special. They have special privilege, special rights, and special powers that we the people don’t enjoy. They protect each other and their families and don’t give a dam about any of us. Stop lying to yourself and recognize the truth, everything is a lie and we the people hold no true value.

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    Why? For the same reason that shrillary killary clinton was never charged…..the evil despicable LYING liberals run everything….that’s why bite me biden was hasn’t been charged yet!!!!!

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