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Did Russian Coal Miners Unearth a Real Flying Saucer?

A group of coal miners in Russia appears to have uncovered what in photographs and a mysterious video, appears for all intents and purposes to be a genuine “flying saucer.”

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Russian state media claim the unknown UFO-shaped object was discovered in a coal mine in Belovo District, Kemerovo. Russia Today reported the UFO measured about 4ft across and weighed nearly 500lbs. The startling claims were accompanied by a brief interview with an unnamed man who claimed to have been part of the work crew that discovered the UFO.

The man said that “The excavator driver told me that he had found an unusual object on the coal face. I arrive at the coal-basin and saw this thing. At first, I thought it is a shield or something like that. But we put it on its edge and I saw that it looks more like a UFO.”

The “witness” continued, “But I believe this find maybe some ancient kind of object for throwing. It is possible if the ancients were bigger than us they might have used this disk for throwing.”

But, he did not rule out the outrageous claim that it could be a small UFO.

“…or it could be some kind of miniature copy, that is, if people saw in the sky objects like this they may have made a copy of this UFO.”

Alien life advocate Scott Waring is among the very few who believe the miniature disk-shaped object really could be a UFO. He took to his blog to speculate about the odd object, writing, “I believe what they have found is a UFO drone ship. These smaller drones are used as scouts for keeping larger ships safe.”


So what do you think, UFO, or ancient Frisbee? Reply using the comments below!

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    I think Scott Eating is another whack job.

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    Don’t believe anything until it’s officially denied!

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