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Malaysia Airlines Crash “Was Not an Accident”

There are many that claim the suspicious crash of Malaysia Air MH370 was anything but mysterious. They claim to know that it definitely “was no accident,” and have shown evidence to prove it in a just-released British documentary.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing on March 8, 2014, while the flight was en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board. The official investigation concluded it most likely ended up at the bottom of the southern Indian Ocean, but two expensive search attempts in the suspected area came up empty-handed. Without recovering the black boxes – flight information recorders – there are some big questions that remain as to what happened to the plane and everyone on board.

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Families have been left heartbroken by the “enduring nightmare”, according to a lawyer representing some of them.

The UK Channel 5 documentary “Flight MH370” presented three key questions about what happened to the plane. “Who was in the cockpit? Who was piloting the plane? And why go to such extraordinary lengths to make it literally vanish?”

The investigators said the first three questions could easily be answered if the black boxes had been recovered. Answering the third question is a bit more difficult. The producers present a plausible theory that the plane was indeed hijacked by someone who knew how to fly, and quite possibly flew the plane to an unknown destination, or crashed on the way.

But, that theory raises a bigger question, why? And if it was some kind of terrorist act, why then has no terrorist organization claimed credit for it? Unlike most such acts, if this was a deliberate hijacking, the hijackers carefully plotted out a route that would mean they could disappear without a trace.

The only way investigators even concluded that the plane was in the Indian Ocean was using data from the plane’s communications with a satellite and a technique of analyzing that data that had never been used before.

Aviation journalist David Learmount suggested that confusing the world could have been the entire point. He told the Channel 5 filmmakers, “I believe that what happened to this airplane was not an accident, it was planned. It was planned and it was then carried out by somebody on board.”

But to what end, why hijack a plane, simply to make it disappear? Learmount suggests the old mountain climber’s cliché – “because they could.” He postulated to the documentary makers that suppose you had a suicidal and demented individual who for whatever reason, felt like leaving the world with a monumental mystery?

He put it this way to the Channel 5 interviewer, “If you have somebody who had a mindset of wanting to do something really clever, somebody who actually really enjoyed flying and the science of flying and the science of navigation…and whose idea it is that the greatest thing they would really like to do is absolutely baffle the world forever as to how he did this – and then die…” you would have your answer as to what actually could have happened to MH370.

Dr. Hugh Dunleavy, former Malaysia Airlines commercial director, said he did not think the answers would ever be found. In a somber interview, that was not part of the Channel 5 documentary he said, “The chance of finding the aircraft, except through a sheer stroke of luck, is probably very remote.”


What do you think really happened to Malaysia Air MH370? Reply in the comments below.


  1. Post Author

    i think that the few “powers” who are driving the satellites around the earth, specially, above this part of the world, are well aware of where the aircraft is and what happened to it, as well, maybe, as the “people” who organised this, if it was organised and if not an accident ,….
    So my conclusion is that, whatever the reason is, accident or hijack, some powers, some governments don’t want us to know the truth …. Why ?
    The answer to this question is more important to me, than knowing why, where and how this aircraft disappeared.

  2. Post Author

    I’ve nothing but a guess but I believe it is parked in a foreign government hanger to be used as the delivery system for a nuclear strike somewhere!

  3. Post Author

    I believe the suicide,and leaving a great mystery for all time theory is plausible! We have had suicidal pilots fly planes into mountains as their great fairwell, with complete disregard for the other lives taken in the act. I have a hard time considering the plane being in a hanger somewhere, and to this day the passengers not being accounted for! If he were funded to do so, I would have Dr.
    William Ballard explore the most suspected areas of the south Indian Ocean with his crew of explorers. Obviously there could be no recovery, But the mystery might be solved! Thank you for hearing my point of view. Sincerely, Irving A. Cohen

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