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Foreign Nationals on American Military Bases…A Bad Idea

America once again awoke over the weekend; to another sneak attack by a Saudi terrorist, disguised as an ally. Mohammed Alshamrani, a 21-year-old 2nd lieutenant in the Royal Saudi Air Force who was a student naval flight officer of Naval Aviation Schools Command, suddenly opened fired with his smuggled handgun taking the lives of three and wounding eight other young Sailors.

The Navy on Saturday identified the three victims of the NAS Pensacola shooting in Florida, as Ensign Joshua Kaleb Watson, 23, of Coffee, Ala. Airman Mohammed Sameh Haitham, 19, of St. Petersburg, Fla. and Airman Apprentice Cameron Scott Walters, 21, of Richmond Hill, Ga.

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In a brief statement by a Navy chief of information officer describing the moment, Muslim terrorist Alshamrani began his murderous rampage, “The sailors that lost their lives in the line of duty showed exceptional heroism and bravery in the face of evil.”

Adding, “When confronted, they didn’t run from danger; they ran towards it and saved lives. If not for their actions, and the actions of the Naval Security Force that were the first responders on the scene, this incident could have been far worse.”

Another deadly shooting incident only days before at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Hawaii prompted an advisory Friday evening from Commander, U.S. Northern Command, hours after the carnage at Pensacola.

However, unlike most mass shootings, this one could have been avoided, simply by denying foreign nationals access on American military bases.

Simply put, would America have welcomed Japanese personal or those with Japanese lineage on U.S. military bases after December 7th, 1941? Sounds insane right?

However consider this, 15 of the 19 hijackers who flew two jet-fueled missiles into the World Trade Center were Saudi Nationals.

Likewise, the Fort Hood shooter Major Nidal Malik Hasan, although born in America, investigators discovered after the bloodbath he was a devote Muslim, who dressed in traditional Arab garb and harbored a hatred for America, after a perceived slight.

A former colleague, Col Terry Lee, said Hasan had fallen out with other soldiers on the base. He claimed that Hasan said he was “happy” when a US soldier was killed in an attack on a military recruitment center in Arkansas.

That massacre left 13 dead and another 30 wounded some with debilitating life-long injuries.

The shootings took place in the ‘soldier readiness center’, a former sports dome, where soldiers are sent for final checks before being sent overseas. As well as soldiers about to be deployed, those returning and undergoing medical screening would have also been there.

This recent incident in Pensacola Florida on the heels of the London Bridge attack simply reaffirms once again America (unlike other conflicts), is in a generational war with a radical Islamic ideology that will continue these murderous operations against American interests, for countless decades to come.

Moreover while the Defense Department, along with President Trump continues to support the Saudi régime, because of mutual strategic interests, one thing is crystal clear, this is a dubious ally that needs to be carefully watched, in that this terrorist was a member of the Saudi military, given special military clearance by the régime, the same régime accused of murdering prominent journalist and leading critic Jamal Khashoggi, within a Saudi Arabian Embassy in Istanbul, Turkey.

Thus far 6 Saudi Nationals have been implicated in the attack. According to Fox News Alshamrani held a dinner party days before the massacre along with the 6 viewing videos of mass shootings, and posting hours before the carnage a manifesto denouncing America.

Today, precaution dictates that we should no longer allow foreign nationals on America’s military bases, especially from the Middle East. It’s simply a bad idea. Moreover with today’s advanced technology, such as worldwide video conferencing, online training similar to that deployed by online institutions and colleges, the risk of having a character like Alshamrani physically on a military base, lessons the likelihood of a potential terrorist attack.

  1. Post Author

    The Saudi’s maybe our allies, but if muslim, not our friends.

    • Post Author

      America’s Military Leaders MUST WAKE UP! This is what is going on and the info was posted a few months before Nidal Hasan went on a shooting rampage at Ft Hood, Texas:
      Definition of Martyrdom Operations, and their effect on the Enemy
      “Martyrdom or self-sacrifice operations are those performed by one or more people, against enemies far outstripping them in numbers and equipment, with prior knowledge that the operations will almost inevitably lead to death.
      The form this usually takes nowadays is to wire up one’s body, or a vehicle or suitcase with explosives, and then to enter amongst a conglomeration of the enemy, or in their vital facilities, and to detonate in an appropriate place there in order to cause the maximum losses in the enemy ranks, taking advantage of the element of surprise and penetration. Naturally, the enacter of the operation will usually be the first to die.
      Another technique is for an armed Mujahid (one engaged in Jihad) to break into the enemy barracks, or area of conglomeration, and fire at them at close-range, without having prepared any plan of escape, nor having considered escape a possibility. The objective is to kill as many of the enemy as possible, and he will almost certainly die.”
      Original Source Posted 2007
      “Verily, Allah has purchased from the believers their selves and their wealth, in return for Heaven being theirs. They fight in the path of Allah and they kill and are killed ” [Qur’an, 9:111]

  2. Post Author

    Certainly is the height of folly to include any Muslim in the armed forces. Of course there will be some benign ones, but Islam itself is clearly & irredeemably anti-America & all it stands for. They are two completely opposing ideologies & the only ones who will disagree are Muslims using subterfuge for advantage. There are plenty of informative books & Western experts that will confirm this. Muslims not following Hijrah to dominate by immigration & breeding, & Jihad to any limit feasible, are like backslidden Christians; but how will you know them?

  3. Post Author

    I like how in the article it says “mutual strategic interests” mainly tricky Dick Nixon taking us off of the gold standard where he made a deal with the Saudis and OPEC to only sell oil in US Dollars allowing the US Government the ability to put the country in the massive debt it is today. Without the backing of the US Dollar with their oil the dollar would have almost no value. This they did to pay for wars, that’s why the US needs to gain control of the oil in Iraq and now Iran to guarantee that the dollar never loses it’s value by oil being traded in foreign currency.

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