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Famed Psychic’s Predictions for 2020

New year, new decade.

It’s only a few days old, yet who isn’t dying to know what 2020 has in store??

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Well, wonder no more. Here are renowned psychic, Baba “The Blind Prophet” Vanga’s predictions for 2020. However, do keep in mind that these were made before the Bulgarian mystic’s death in 1996!

Vanga predicts the world will end in “cataclysmic fire,” but don’t worry, according to her followers, that won’t be for another 3000 years, in the year 5079. However, her followers do say that she predicted that 2020 will be a turbulent year filled with “many earthquakes. In particular, Japan and India will see major quakes.”

Followers of Vanga also say that she left predictions that indicate, “The USA will also experience earthquakes, and serious volcanic activity on a small island – but they cannot identify where only saying that it will require an “urgent evacuation.”

Her disciples also say that 2020 will see an assassination attempt on Russian President, Vladimir Putin. According to Charlotte Dobre, a follower of Vanga and manager of the InformationOverload YouTube channel, the attempt on Mr. Putin’s life will unfold at some date in the near future in Europe. Mr. Putin will supposedly be attacked by a member of his own security team.

Vanga’s followers often refer to the mysterious woman as the Balkan Nostradamus due to her supposed prophetic powers. Baba Vanga rose to prominence in the year 2000 when she supposedly predicted the sinking of the Russian submarine Kursk. Since then, Baba Vanga is said to have predicted the 9/11 terror attack, the cataclysmic 2004 tsunami and the 2008 election of President Barack Obama.

On top of her supposed powers of foresight, Baba Vanga’s supporters believe the blind woman who lived in the village of Rupite, Bulgaria, had the power to communicate with the dead.


What do you think of these Prophecies for the New Year? Do you believe in psychics? Please reply using the comments below.

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