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Mayan Stone Carvings Show First Alien Contact

In March 2017, an astonishing archaeological find was made in a cave located near Veracruz, Mexico. Two carved stone artifacts appear to show aliens with spacecraft interacting with humans. The stones have been authenticated as genuine – yet this important find has been ignored by mainstream media sources.

Deep in the lush forest on the outskirts of Puebla, locals discovered a cave with many old jade stones in excellent condition. These jade fragments depict beings that look like the classic grey aliens known to abduct humans, cows, and other creatures. They have slender bodies with oversized heads and large oval eyes.

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One carving shows an ET standing upright. The being’s right-hand holds up an egg-shaped object while the left-hand holds what appears to be a beaker or similar vessel. Before this strange figure, a Mayan chief is shown kneeling on one knee, holding up an ear of corn.

Where these two beings – one from Earth and one not – trading commodities?

Above the two figures is a UFO-looking object with swirling lines trailing below its bottom. Was the artist trying to draw beams or waves of energy coming from the craft?

Mexican journalist Javier Lopez Diaz with Cinco Radio posted images of the detailed stones on his Twitter account – and it went viral. Lopez is convinced that the stones are the real deal after “many scientists” inspected them and ruled that “without a doubt these carvings on the jade stones are authentic.”

According to Lopez, the carvings represent real up-close-and-personal contact with extraterrestrials during the development of the Aztec or Mayan cultures. Further inspection of the cave revealed other remains, including petroglyphs of historical importance that show more imagery of close encounters between pre-Hispanic people and off-worlders.

Researchers deciphered some symbols on the stones as meaning “Stones of the First Encounter.” The incredible discovery was made during an expedition between Veracruz and Puebla in March 2017.

One triangular stone clearly shows an alien crouching inside a spacecraft. These images validate the many Mayan and Aztec histories that speak of visitors from other worlds who brought modern culture to humanity. There is a local legend that a UFO was once trapped inside the same cave.

Encouraged by this find, Lopez and other “treasure hunters” with the JAC Detector team led by José Aguayo. set out on another expedition just over three months later to further investigate the underground caves complex near the border between Veracruz and Puebla. Their efforts were rewarded when they chanced upon another cave with carvings on the stone walls.

The wall pictograms in this cave appear to show humanoid shapes. Two team members reported that the carvings might well be an early historical record of the relationship between humans and ETs.

But wait, there’s more. The floor of the cave was littered with extremely thin fragments of gold leaf. We know that gold played a major role in both the Aztec and Mayan cultures. Ancient archaeologists and ufologists say that ancient Sumerian texts – the oldest known writing on Earth – recount how humans were bio-engineered by an alien race called the Annunaki to mine gold for their home planet.

This second cave yielded a veritable trove of stone artifacts, all well-preserved and carved plainly with scenes featuring ETs, their space ships, and humans.

The researchers concluded that the ancient pre-Hispanic natives would have had direct contact with offworlders who descended to the planet’s surface from the heavens above in very physical aeronautic vehicles.

Hector Pavon, chief of security for the JAC Detector team, said:

“They are alien ships and more than anything else, they teach us that the aliens had contact with the Mayans, that in reality, they were dialoguing and also making exchanges.”

Aguayo appealed to the mainstream scientific community to take a serious interest in these shocking artifacts:

“If at some point the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico decides to take an interest in this discovery and collect the pieces of stone, it would be better for both research groups because, in this way, it would accept the fact that there is contact with aliens, many of whom have always denied the existence of evidence.”

Debunkers argue that none of the relics found in Mayan territory are literal representations of what the artists actually saw:

“Assuming these are genuine artefacts [sic], these are probably not depicting aliens. Depicting humans with exaggerated features is something people have been doing for a long time. It’s called a caricature.”

One stone shows spaceships flying around. The topmost craft has an exploded view (which in and of itself is a remarkable artistic achievement) of a humanoid occupant inside the ship. Does this look like a caricature to you?

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