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5 Signs of Demonic Possession

With all the current evil in the world, it should come as no surprise that many believe much of it is the result of satanic influences. In fact, sometimes that influence goes so far as actual demonic possession.

Seeming cases of demonic possession are on the rise. While even the Church believes that many of the cases of possession are in reality some form of mental illness or other disease, there are still those disturbing instances that seem to defy any scientific rationale. Believe it or not, the Church does still employ exorcists, and has, on occasion still sanctioned biblical exorcisms.

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It is important not to confuse mental illness with demonic possession. According to the Catholic News Agency, the difference between the two is that a person who is possessed will very clearly and negatively react to the presence and prayers of an exorcist, while someone with a mental illness will not have the same reactions.

Here are 5 other signs of Demonic Possession according to professional exorcists and paranormal investigators.

  1. Odd Behavior

The person in question will start doing a bunch of odd things they never normally do. Maybe they start smoking or start speaking in a different language, even when they don’t speak the language. They will start to act in a totally different manner than normal.

  1. New Abilities

The possessed may suddenly exhibit new skills and abilities they never had before, such as being skillful with weapons or other technical skills.

  1. Knowledge of Hidden Things

This includes the possessed person knowing personal details about the exorcist that are not publicly known and that they could not otherwise know. “An exorcist may walk into a room where someone is afflicted,” explains Father Jeffrey Grob, a Chicago area exorcist recognized by the Archdiocese, “and the victim may reveal things about the exorcist that he wouldn’t be privy to even with a Google search. They would be personal kinds of things.”

  1. Extraordinary Strength

This means the person has strength far beyond what they could have naturally. “It’s one thing for an Arnold Schwarzenegger in his heyday to bench-press 300 pounds,” Fr. Grob said in a recent interview, “it’s quite another for a 70-year old woman of slight build to throw five or six grown men around like ragdolls.”

  1. Aversion to Sacred Things

This can be sacred objects (e.g. crucifixes and holy water), sacred prayers (e.g. Our Father), or holy names (e.g. titles of the Blessed Virgin Mary).

Paranormal investigators say that there are a couple of ways you can go about getting rid of a demon, ranging from the simple to the complex. But, according to Father Grob, getting a church certified exorcist is probably the best thing to do.

Do you believe in demonic possession? Have you, or anyone you know, been the victim of demons? Reply in the comments below.


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