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Trump’s Space Force Swears In First Officer As Chief Of Space Ops

In breaking news, on January 14, 2020, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence swore in the first United States Space Force Chief of Space Operations and Commander, U.S. Space Command, Gen. John “Jay” Raymond in a White House ceremony.

Colonel Curtis “Scraps” Hernandez, Director of National Security Space Policy, National Space Council, opened the swearing-in ceremony for the first Chief of Space Operations, United States Space Force with words of welcome to this historic event:

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“Today’s ceremony carries special significance marking the first accession of a commissioned officer into the Space Force…The oath signifies the office-holder will support and defend the Consitution of the United States, that the office-holder will bear allegiance to the Constitution, and that individual will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of their appointment.

“Today marks the first time in our history an American will take the oath as a member of the United States Space Force and will lead our nation’s newest branch of the Armed Forces.”

The attendees rose for Technical Sergeant Kathleen Bowman of the Singing Sergeants United States Air Force Bank who sang the National Anthem. Then, Major-General Steven A. Schaick, Chief of Chaplains of the United States Air Force who gave the Invocation and invitation prayer:

“Living God, Whose glory is displayed in the heavens, cover us this day with Your mercy and favor as we seek to keep our nation and Your heavens a safe and peaceful domain. We humbly ask Your wisdom to rest upon and within our President, our nation’s leaders, and upon our nation’s first Chief of Space Operations, General Jay Raymond.

“Guard and guide him as he organizes, trains, and equips space-minded professionals to deter, defend, deliver, and develop space forces that will secure the blessings of Liberty for Americans today and tomorrow.

“Our prayer for Gen. Raymond is simple: go before him that he may follow in Your steps. Go behind him to steer him if he strays and go beside him as his strength and joy for the journey. This is our prayer. Amen.”

VP Pence conducted the swearing-in from the podium. After sharing a warm welcome from the President and First Family, the country’s second-in-command stated:

“Today is a historic day for our nation because today we will swear in the leader of the first new branch of the United States Armed Forces in more than 70 years, Chief of Space Operations General Jay Raymond.”

President Trump announced his vision to “reclaim America’s heritage as the world’s greatest space-faring nation” and called for the creation of a national Space Force in June 2018.

As First Officer of the U.S. Space Force and Chief of Operations (COO), Gen. Raymond will take a seat on the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Pence shared some history well-known to serious historical UFO researchers who have uncovered evidence that both Presidents Truman and Eisenhower had top-secret meetings with extraterrestrials that led directly to the rise of the military-industrial complex:

“I am told that the idea of a Space Force was first spoken about during the years of the Eisenhower administration.”

After acknowledging key players behind the formation of the new Space Force, Pence recalled that on December 20, 2019, President Donald J. Trump signed both the National Defense Authorization Act and the Space Force into law.

The President’s first decision regarding the Space Force was to select its first leader. According to Pence, Trump had already decided that the most qualified American for this space security military organization, a career officer, was General Raymond.

The first Space Force leader served as an Air Force officer for more than 35 years with extensive experience overseeing all U.S. military operations in space. For the past three years, he led nearly 30,000 personnel at Air Force Space Command, located at Colorado’s Peterson Air Force Base.

Gen. Raymond commanded the 5th Space Surveillance Squadron, the 21st Space Wing, the Joint Force Space Component Command, and the 33rd Operations Group at Vandenberg Air Force Base.

The Vice President revealed that 2020 will see thousands of Air Force personnel added to the fledgling Space Force, an organization that will have “an extraordinary launch under Gen. Jay Raymond.”

Before administering the oath of office, Pence remarked to Raymond:

“It is President Trump’s belief that the United States must remain as dominant in space as we are on land and sea and the air. Your charge is to see to that mission with the United States Space Force to defend this nation and to defend our ideals.”

With one hand placed on a Bible, Raymond repeated his solemn oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution.

Raymond then stood at the podium to give thanks to our Commander-in-Chief and others responsible for creating his new role. The Space Force COO affirmed:

“Mr. Vice President, we have our marching orders and we are moving out. We do not want a conflict to begin or extend into space. We want to deter that conflict from happening. The best way I know how to do that is to do so from a position of strength.”

The Space Force leader affirmed his commitment to his new duties:

“We will build this new service in a way that strengthens our joint force and allows us to move with the speed and agility needed to respond to the current strategic environment. Once built, the Space Force’s measures of success will be that our adversaries are deterred and that our joint and coalition partners always have the space capabilities that our modern way of war and our modern way of life depend on.”

Turning to VP Pence, Raymond said sincerely:

“I can’t thank you enough for the privilege of being here today.”

Space Force Commander Gen. John “Jay” Raymond closed the historic proceedings as any good leader might:

“Have a great day – and it’s now time to get to work.”

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