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UFO Sightings: January 2020

It’s been a busy month in this new decade as UFO reports continue to stream in from around the world. While many observations may be discounted easily, others defy a “reasonable” explanation.

The objective study of unidentified flying objects has become muddied by new technologies developed in secret government black projects. Many aerospace and military insiders, including Bob Lazar and David Adair, have claimed that the U.S. military hired them to work on alien craft to figure out how they work so we could manufacture and operate them ourselves.

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At this point in history, the question is not whether or not UFOs exist but is instead: Are those unknown aerial objects ours – made by humans – or theirs – not made by humans?

Some UFO sightings are more credible than others based on the source of the information and the quality of the alleged evidence. We know that the digital age features software tools that can fake both still photographic images as well as moving video frames.

Check out these three UFO reports from January 2020 and decide for yourself how much truth is out there.

1) On January 20, a woman in Oklahoma claimed that she was walking her son to school when she noticed a “huge metallic disc with portholes in the sky over Tulsa.” Shannon said she could see sunshine reflecting off the aerial object. The frightened witness managed to capture an image on her phone and described a sound that crops up in many UFO reports:

“I can tell you, first of all, there was a humming noise that I heard that was not heard by anyone else all the night before.”

Shannon estimated that this UFO was very big:

“It was huge, I’d say, maybe 3 football fields wide.”

The Tulsa resident said that making out the aircraft was difficult because it was obscured from plain view:

“It was surrounded by clouds that were all different colors. It was very low and the top part of it was completely enveloped.”

Shannon confirmed her own sighting several minutes later:

“After I dropped my son off at school, I came back out and stood amazed, I couldn’t believe no one else reported it.”

A woman named Daniela in Germany captured an image of a similar UFO that had viewing portholes around the circular object.

There have been many other notable UFO sightings over Tulsa County in Oklahoma. For example, on July 8, 2012, a man filed a report with MUFON – the Mutual UFO Network – claiming he saw a cigar-shaped object racing across the sky, traveling from north to south. The UFO then vanished in the clouds. The witness was convinced the apparition was no conventional airplane.

2) On January 22, the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) cut the live streaming feed from the International Space Station (ISS). YouTube channel Jujubee’s ADAMS posted screenshots taken an instant before NASA engineers realized it was time to interrupt the worldwide broadcast. When that happens, a familiar official screen appears with a text message indicating the problem is a sudden signal loss between the orbital station and the government’s expensive and highly sophisticated communications network.

As I’ve written before, NASA has a policy of cutting its live space camera feeds whenever an unknown object shows up. This happens a lot based on the sizeable number of such videos:

“Just search online for the phrase ‘NASA cuts live space feed’ and you will get results from USA Today, the UK’s Express, Nature World News, and The Huffington Post – to name a few.”

3) On January 26, 2020, satellite images appear to show the wreckage of two manufactured space vehicles in frozen Antarctica. One is triangular in shape and measures roughly 45 x 45 yards. The second is a shuttle-like, finned shape resting atop a strange mechanical-looking object that has four long spines projecting out from it. A circular rim almost completely covered by snow lies beneath both of these bizarre objects.

  • Triangle UFO: Coordinates: 74°18’52.37″S 9°27’18.32″W
  • Spacecraft: Coordinates: 74°47’54.86″S 110°33’38.27″W

This isn’t the first occasion when evidence of High Strangeness has cropped up in Antarctica. As I wrote previously, a highly credible Navy SEAL known as Spartan 1 disclosed shocking details of a mission he was part of to investigate an enormous octagon-shaped structure (as in a building) buried in the ice that had been excavated partially by scientists. This military whistleblower said:

“As far as the aliens go, there’s more than one race and we’ve been talking to several races since the 1950s and 1960s.”

Tiny human skeletons were discovered ten years ago by a team of paleontologists who were sampling the rocky region of the Whitmore mountain range in Antarctica to find fossil evidence that dinosaurs had once roamed there.

Instead, two stones they cracked open revealed human remains that measured about 6 inches from head to foot. The shocked Dr. Marly of England’s Cambridge University pointed out how incredible this evidence is:

“600 million years ago, jellyfish first appeared. There were no human beings in the world and there wouldn’t be any for nearly five hundred and 60 million years. There weren’t even any dinosaurs around at that time.”

The fossils were flown to the National Institute of Ancient Studies in Washington, D.C. for further analysis.

Yes, the New Year and the New Decade promise to be very interesting indeed, as amateur sky-watchers disclose what official agencies deny: UFOs are real. But are they ours – or theirs?

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    I do believe and have seen UFOs in the ’80s. A formation of 4 circular objects, jockeying for position over Wilmington as they flew past. I didn’t hear anything but that was because I was downtown and there was traffic. I was a USAF Weather Observer so I do know the difference between planes and whatever else I see. Too fast for low flying copters and to large for high flying bombers at the speed they were traveling.

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