Jay Stan

Will Trump Sell Alaska To The Russians?

While Adam Schiff was heading the Democrats’ efforts to impeach President Trump in the House of Representatives, he stated that if President Trump was not impeached he may sell Alaska to the Russians to help him win the Presidential election in 2020.

However, that’s not half of the crazy claims…

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Now that the President hasn’t been impeached, here’s what else he may do (according to dems):

  1. Go to war against Canada to take over their ski resorts
  2. Invade Mexico so he can build the border wall a lot faster
  3. Join the EU just to annoy France and Germany
  4. Build Trump hotels in every city in the country, using taxpayer funds
  5. Make Ivanka his vice-President
  6. Crown himself King Trump forever
  7. Rename the country, The United States of Trump
  8. Have all the major highways in the country named after him, or his children or grandchildren.
  9. Change the name of Washington, DC to Trump, DC
  10. Start a fashion line of Trump red ties and pass an Executive Order requiring every office worker in America to buy and wear his ties to work.
  11. Allow oil drilling in Central Park in New York City
  12. Turn the Grand Canyon into a Trump condo community
  13. Start a new reality TV series documenting his every waking moment as President, then sell the TV series to Netflix for $50 million.
  14. Transfer his brain contents to an artificial-intelligence computer, so his computer Avatar can then rule the country after he dies.
  15. Pass an executive Order that his young son Baron will take over the Presidency automatically after 2024.
  16. Get Israel to agree to become the 51st state of the Union.
  17. Invade Egypt so he can be buried in one of the Pyramids, then put a huge “Trump” sign on the Pyramid.
  18. Name every aircraft carrier The Trump 1, The Trump 2, The Trump 3, etc.
  19. Force California and New York to secede from the Union to get rid of these radical-left snake pits (if only he would).
  20. Write an Executive Order forcing every man, woman, and child to own a gun
  21. Write an Executive Order converting every public school in the country into an independent Charter school, then letting these Charter schools compete with each other so that parents finally have some school choice (if only he could).
  22. Write an Executive Order to scrap the Department of Education and the Environmental Protection Agency, as a starter (if only he would).
  23. Balance the budget (if only he would)

All kidding aside, Adam Shiff has become the poster-boy for the lunatic radical-left Democrats. Is he off his rocker, or is he just using a classic tactic by the Democrats to scare Americans into giving the Democrats power or pass their radical-left agenda?

Consider how the Democrats use the same scare tactics in pushing their ‘climate change’ hoax. For almost forty years now, radical-left Democrats have been predicting the end of the world or the extinction of mankind if we don’t “address” the climate change “crisis” immediately.

Yet, this beautiful planet we live on keeps rolling along very nicely, laughing at these eco-maniacs and their doomsday predictions. The latest ‘prediction’ by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, our pre-eminent environmental scientist, former bartender, and author of the “Green New Deal,” is that our climate-change “crisis” will doom us in 12 years if we don’t start restricting our use of fossil fuels and pass her Green New Deal.

Why do the radical-left Democrats use these childish scare tactics? First, they do so because they have utter contempt for the intelligence of average Americans. The radical-left thinks that if they promote their Big Lies long enough, millions of “stupid” Americans will vote them back into office to “protect” voters against these fake calamities that they invent. Radical-left Democrats are modern-day witch-doctors who claim they will protect us from the wrath of the tribe’s angry gods if the tribe believes in the witch-doctor’s scare stories and incantations.

Second, radical-left Democrats lust after power, power to rule other people’s lives on a massive scale. This has been the frightening motivation of every fascist or communist dictator for the last hundred years.

Third, I personally believe that those on the radical-left have some genetic deficiency that makes them susceptible to rabid envy of those who succeed in life or economic systems that make that success possible. Hence their hatred of “the rich,” liberty, and free-market capitalism.

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    When the US purchased Alaska in 1867, some referred to it as Seward’s folly. Now, from Adam Schiff, we learn that the “Folly” will never go away.

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