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Communist China Loving Harvard Professor Arrested for Targeting America’s Campuses

Treason comes in many different forms.

The most obvious is colluding with another nation – perhaps selling vital national security secrets to our enemies or leaking sensitive information for political expediency.

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However, there is a much more subtle form of treason almost impossible to gauge regarding our national security interests — a pervasive influence spreading widely throughout our college campuses that in time will be as devastating to our country as any military secret divulged.

In that, today’s college campuses have now become propaganda mills for Communist China. They are spreading their influence throughout numerous conduits, namely tenured professors within academia.

One such educator is Charles Lieber, the chair of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard Universality, who was just charged with aiding the Chinese government and accepting millions of dollars in funding – for selling out America.

Lieber’s involvement with the Chinese government included recruiting skilled individuals to the Thousand Talent Program, which in some cases has resulted in violations of U.S. law such as espionage, theft of trade secrets, and grant fraud.

Federal investigators also issued an arrest warrant for an individual named Yanqing Ye, a lieutenant in the People’s Liberation Army, China’s armed forces, and a member of the Chinese Communist Party.

The 29-year old former Boston University student is charged with stealing and sending sensitive U.S. documents and information to China.

According to the FBI, Ye also falsely identified herself as a student on her J-1 visa application, a non-immigrant visa, and lied about her military service while studying at Boston University. She is currently believed to be in China.

Another Chinese national named Zaosong Zheng is charged with stealing biological research and attempting to smuggle them to China. He also admitted to stealing intellectual properties by using the stolen materials to conduct research and publish the results under his own name.

Zheng was sponsored under an exchange program by Harvard University while working at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

These arrests and federal indictments are just the tip of the iceberg on what has become an epidemic of Chinese Communist influence on America’s college campuses propagated by leftist professors, looking for easy money to fund their pet projects, under the guise of college grant funding.

In 2019, a University of Kansas researcher was charged with collecting federal grant money while secretly working for a Chinese university and a professor at a university in Texas was accused in a trade secret case.

A Senate investigative report issued just last year underscored the government’s growing concern about the theft of American intellectual property as well as the spread of Chinese propaganda on college campuses.

The Confucius Institute chapters (funded by China), on college campuses, provides American students with Mandarin Chinese language training, and also a heavy dose of skillful propaganda by the Chinese government, cleverly whitewashing and downplaying the atrocities committed during Mao’s “Great Leap Forward” and the “Cultural Revolution” which maimed, murdered and starved millions of Chinese citizens.

Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas said in 2018. “Communist China is infiltrating American universities to meddle with our curricula, silence criticism of their regime, and steal intellectual property including sensitive dual-use research.”

Facing mounting pressure due to the federal government’s increasing focus on stamping out the Chinese Communist Party’s influence on America’s campuses, nearly two dozen universities have closed their Confucius Institute campus chapters in the last two years.

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