Michael F. Strong
  • February 12, 2020
  • CIA

New Book Links Manson Cult to the CIA

A new book has linked the Charlie Manson death-cult to secret CIA mind control experiments!

The crimes of the Manson family resulted in one of the most famous murder trials in history, but new research has come to light that could totally change the history of the case. In his book entitled, “Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA and the Secret History of the Sixties, Tom O’Neill, alleges that he and his co-author Dan Piepenbring, found significant evidence that some kind of cover-up was taking place, and that the truth behind the Manson murders are more bizarre than anyone ever imagined.

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O’Neill and Piepenbring say they learned that Manson was far more connected in Hollywood and the entertainment industry than initially believed.

In fact, there is compelling evidence that Manson was a figure somewhat similar to Jeffrey Epstein, who was connected to high-profile figures through a child trafficking operation. It is often underplayed in dramatizations about the Manson Family, but many of the young hippies in the cult were actually underage girls.

O’Neill’s research suggests that Manson was popular in Hollywood because he trafficked these children to various record executives, famous entertainers, and rich patrons.

The case becomes even more suspicious when considering that Manson and his cult seemed to be protected by the government and local law enforcement. Manson had committed multiple crimes while on parole but was released on numerous occasions.

O’Neill admits that he could not determine why the family was being protected, but as he researched more, he found a complicated web of possible explanations, all of which were backed up by well-documented evidence, including admissions from the people involved in the case.

One of the most interesting angles revealed in this new research is that the Manson family was in regular contact with Louis West, a notorious doctor who worked in the CIA’s MK Ultra mind control experiments. West was also the UCLA psychiatrist who performed Jack Ruby’s controversial psychiatric evaluation, and was a major player in the CIA’s mind control experiments.

According to O’Neill, “West was fascinated with the hippie subculture and conducted open-air experiments in San Francisco’s Haight neighborhood, which was the epicenter of the movement at the time.” In one case, he set up a fake “hippie crash pad” in the community, so he could secretly observe the hippies in their natural habitat.

O’Neill says that the CIA also set up a free medical clinic in the neighborhood under the pretenses of giving the Haight residents free medical care, but with the covert goal of examining them and using them as test subjects.

The Manson family regularly came through this clinic and another psychiatrist who worked on mind control experiments with West even embedded himself in the cult for several months.

West was deeply connected with the Manson case, but was strangely absent from the trials. This is even more strange considering that he often took every chance he could to speak as a witness in cases where a brainwashing expert was needed.

Many of the files detailing what happened during Project MK Ultra were destroyed shortly after the public learned of the program’s existence, so the extent of West’s research may never be known.

However, O’Neill’s research provides plenty of circumstantial evidence that West was working on mind control experiments involving the training of remorseless assassins, using a combination of hypnosis, LSD, and sleep deprivation.

Is it a mere coincidence that Manson used these very same techniques to train once-innocent people to kill on command?

O’Neill’s book also suggests the possibility that Manson was a sort of agent provocateur, sent by the government’s Cointel Program to diminish the peaceful image of the hippie generation and scare rich white celebrities away from supporting the Black Panthers.

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