Michael F. Strong

Has the Space Force Been Seen Training in the Skies Over Arizona?

Are a series of mysterious triangular lights that have been filmed over the deserts of Arizona, UFOs, as other similar lights have been described – or are they training flights being performed by the newly commissioned US Space Force?

The close proximity of the lights to known military bases in Yuma, Arizona, have many people speculating that they are the latter.

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The video in question was taken on January 22, 2020, by the owner of the Devil -Travels YouTube channel. It appears he normally posts videos of his travels and camping experiences across the U.S. and this sighting was an interesting byproduct of a casual video taken of military helicopters flying over Yuma – a phenomenon he says happens constantly.

He recorded a group of six lights first, which he claimed disappeared one by one. He then saw three more lights appear in the same spot and managed to record them going out one by one. He jokingly admits that they’re typical fuzzy UFO pictures, blaming his camera and the distance.

“The lights were somewhere over Yuma Arizona. I was boondocking across the border in Felicity California, about 10 miles away.”

Yuma is home to the Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, which hosts an annual air show and many large-scale military exercises, and the Yuma Proving Ground, an Army base known for testing new military equipment, which prompted viewers of the video to comment, “it’s the Space Force training.”

Other commenters said that it is, “1 TR3b trying to jumpstart another TR3B nothing unusual to see here folks.” That is a reference to the TR3b, a long-rumored but still unconfirmed TR-3B black triangle aircraft, which many claim to be the source for the nearby “Phoenix Lights” UFO sightings.

So just what did Devil -Travels see, record and post to his YouTube Channel?

He admits to what many commenters also speculate – it’s likely he saw flares from some local military operation. However, they could also have been Special Forces parachutists from the Yuma Proving Ground, which is home to the Special Operations Free Fall School. The lack of movement and lack of a shadowy triangle give both options more credence than a TR-3B, a secret Space Force aircraft testing operation (unless they’re flares or parachutes) or alien ships.

What do you think? Please tell us what you think these could be in the comments below!

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