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Bloomberg On Page 6 Of Epstein’s Little Black Book

Evidence has surfaced that a top financial influencer and liberal presidential hopeful is linked to the infamous pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, found strangled in his Manhattan prison cell under questionable circumstances but ruled a suicide.

Page 6 of Epstein’s “little black book” lists Mike Bloomberg as a contact. This book exists. Epstein’s butler was in charge of keeping it updated. You can read all the names in the redacted version released to the public.

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Bloomberg also appears in photographs that show him socializing with Ghislaine Maxwell, an Epstein sex trafficking victim who became his cohort, luring young women into the lucrative “massage” business – without mentioning that these rub-downs would have a happy (sexual) ending.

Insider stories of Epstein parties sound incredible but witnesses swear they are true. One man said his family had sold him as a sexual servant from childhood and he was raped by Bill Clinton on an Epstein yacht.

Finding the name of such a prominent financial leader and media mogul as Bloomberg raises grave doubts about his character and qualifications for steering the national ship of state.

Michael Bloomberg is no political dark horse. He was mayor of New York City from 2002 to 2013 and has now joined the Democratic fray in the run for the 2020 presidential win.

Long before all that, in 1981, Bloomberg co-founded and remains the CEO and majority owner of Bloomberg L.P., a privately held financial, software, data, and media company headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. This corporate giant, with 167 locations and almost 20,000 employees, is a financial services, software, and mass media company famous for its flagship Bloomberg Terminal product, a computer software system that furnishes financial data used widely in the financial industry.

The liberal presidential contender is a native of Medford, Massachusetts who attended Johns Hopkins University and Harvard Business Law School. His first job was with the securities brokerage Salomon Brothers, a venerable American investment institution.

As of February 2020, Bloomberg was ranked the ninth-richest person in the U.S. and the twelfth-richest person in the world with a net worth estimated at $61.8 billion.

For the first time since 1994, thanks to Bloomberg’s mega funding, Democrats now control the Virginia legislature: House, Senate, and Governorship. The liberal Everytown for Gun Safety election plank overwhelmed the Fairfax-based NRA’s election expense:

“Everytown spent $2.5 million to support the Virginia elections, easily outpacing the approximately $300,000 spent by the NRA, which has its headquarters in the state.”

The founder of Moms Demand Action, a gun-grabbing group that ignores American Constitutional rights as guaranteed under the Second Amendment, explained that the NRA “has had its way with lawmakers” due to its power and wealth. That “dynamic” has shifted in the past 12 months, according to Shannon Watts.

In plain English, Bloomberg outbid the NRA to win the Virginia legislature. Now, it appears he is planning to do the same with the Oval Office.

statement from the NRA issued on November 6, 2019, predicted ominously:

“…Virginians are about to experience life under a distant tycoon’s thumb. Candidates who proudly accepted Bloomberg’s cash – and every voter they misled – will soon realize the cost of being beholden to a Manhattan billionaire who despises Virginians’ right to self-defense.”

Any association between Bloomberg and the deceased sexual child abuser Epstein raises multiple questions.

Epstein was fingered as a Mossad agent “who blackmailed world leaders with underage sex traps by former high-ranking Israeli intelligence official Ari Ben-Menashe, who has staked his reputation on the claims.”

Steven Hoffenberg claimed in a book by Dylan Howard titled Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales, that Epstein was, in reality, a top celebrity spy for Mossad. The national intelligence agency of Israel arranged to have Epstein killed “because he had become a liability for Israeli intelligence.”

Hoffberg also said that the CIA and the FBI needed Epstein alive “for intelligence, because he was manipulating the American intelligence for the overseas organizations: MI6, the Israelis, and the Saudis. That’s what he was doing. They were afraid of the exposure that he brought to the table for what he did with Prince Andrew, MI6, the Israelis, and the Saudis.”

Reportedly, Epstein and his girlfriend Maxwell operated a “honey-trap” operation that served young girls to big-name international politicians for sex before using the incriminating evidence to blackmail Epstein’s associates to gather information for Israeli intelligence.

What was Bloomberg’s involvement with all of that sordid business?

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