Jay Stan

Protect Nature or The Human Race?

Bernie Sanders and the rest of the radical-left Democratic candidates for President have all jumped on the “Green New Deal” eco-bandwagon to allegedly “save” the Earth and the human race.

Both Sanders and our brilliant environmental “scientist” and former bartender, Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez give us only 12 more years before we are all doomed by rising seas and rising temperatures.

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These eco-loons claim that “nature knows best,” that if humans “tamper” with nature by burning fossil fuels, riding around in gasoline-powered cars, and using air conditioners, then the human race is “doomed.”

So should we roll back the industrial revolution and stop using fossil fuels? What would happen to our lives if we did that?

Besides being a total scam, the eco-radicals’ “global warming” and Green New Deal are evil for what they would do to our lives. We have a high standard of living only because we act on the principle that nature does not know best, that people can and must alter nature for their own benefit.

What would our lives be like if we went along with the eco-radicals’ agenda? — we would be back in caves, warming ourselves over a sputtering fire, with an animal skin on our backs and the freezing wind howling outside.

There was a period in history known as the Dark Ages when human progress was frozen. It was a time of plagues, starvation, freezing mud huts, candlelight power, and backbreaking labor. If this picture makes you shudder and thank your stars for living in the modern world, look twice. Millions of people in Asia, Africa, and South America still live like this. For most of these people, hunger, disease, and misery are a way of life.

Those who live in pre-industrial misery don’t share our eco-radicals’ reverence for nature because they live too close to it. Primitive or underdeveloped societies don’t need eco-radicals preaching to them. People in these countries think nature is their deadliest enemy. They don’t care about protecting it — they just want to survive it.

Without the machines and technology of industrial society, we’re at the mercy of a hostile and merciless environment. Without modem medicine, we would succumb to disease. Without modem agricultural technology, we would look starvation in the face. Without modem houses and electric power plants, we would shiver from the cold in stinking hovels.

The notion of “protecting” nature can only make sense in an industrial society. In a world of paved streets, automobiles, supermarkets, and department stores, nature fades into the background. It’s tamed and made to serve our needs.

Instead of being an enemy, nature now gives us relief from the noise, crowds, and concrete of modern cities. In a man-made industrial economy, nature has been transformed. It’s not a source of fear any longer, but a source of pleasure. As a result, we now want to protect nature, to keep our refuge safe, clean, and beautiful. That’s why so many Americans move out of noisy, polluted cities into suburban areas. Most people like trees, grass, and fresh air. That’s why the environmentalists’ message has such a powerful effect on us, and that’s where the danger lies.

The eco-radicals’ call to “protect the environment” touches a deep sympathy in us. We assume they lobby for environmental regulations to protect our health and to preserve nature as a source of contrast and pleasure. But nature can give us pleasure only within the comfort and security of an industrial civilization. We can enjoy nature only when we conquer it.

A snowstorm is beautiful while we watch it through the window of our warm, cozy home. The deep blackness of night doesn’t scare us if our home is brightly lit with electricity. A blistering desert is grand when we ride through it in a fast, air-conditioned train. Other people’s hunger and disease in faraway lands is only a sad item in the news for those of us with supermarkets full of food and modern hospitals

But take away our electricity, warm houses, supermarkets, medical centers, and speedy air-conditioned trains, and human beings are left naked and defenseless. Take away our machines and technology, and nature is now a brutal and indifferent enemy to the human race.

Without our oil, electricity, and man-made clothing, we would freeze to death in candle-lit huts. Take away the air-conditioned train and we would be buzzard food in the desert. Take away agriculture and medical science and we would starve or die of diseases. Without man-made technology, we’re back in the Dark Ages with nature as our deadliest enemy.

Our homes, cars, planes, furnaces, factories, and power plants, which are today powered by oil, gas, and electricity, help us survive, protect us from nature’s brutality, and improve the quality of our lives. Any attempt to “protect” nature by political policies that weaken or destroy a country’s fossil-fuel-based economic and technological foundations, threatens our lives.

Environmental regulations might make the air a little cleaner, but what value is that to someone who’s lost his job? Cleaner air means little to a man whose family is starving and freezing in a cold-water flat because he can’t find another job in an eco-regulation-wrecked economy.

This fact is obvious to the wretched people who live in countries that don’t have modem technology and economic freedom. The misery, hunger, and disease in places like Africa or India should make us almost worship the cars, factories, power plants, and shopping malls that make our lives so prosperous.

If not worship, then we should at least be deeply grateful for our man-made technology and those who create it. Fossil-fuel’s enormous benefits to the human race make the issue of fake “global warming” by comparison, an irrelevant con-job.

  1. Post Author

    Have you ever noticed that the ones preaching about the evils of our industrial society are the ones who use private jets, and limousines? They live in mansions (plural) that require much more energy to operate than the homes of most of the rest of the population.

    It is okay for them to tell us how to live our lives, while they do the exact opposite.

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