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Astonishing UK UFO Sightings From 2009

Ufologists – people who study Unidentified Flying Objects – are about to have a field day. Ministry of Defense officials in the United Kingdom announced the release of almost 60 years of hush-hush documents that prove the British government took the subject of unknown aerial objects quite seriously indeed.

The large quantity of official X-files “comprising entirely of correspondence with members of the public” will be available online “sometime within the first quarter of 2020,” according to the Royal Air Force (RAF).

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Despite consistent denials from major world governments that you must be crazy to believe in UFOs, more and more proof is coming to light that international leaders have been actively engaged in trying to figure out the High Strangeness presented by UFOs and their alien occupants.

Even now, having approved the release of even more official documentation, the British Ministry of Defense is staying mum on the subject. An RAF spokesperson stated that the MoD “has no opinion on the existence or otherwise of extraterrestrial life and does not investigate UFO reports.”

The British government decided to disclose all internal UFO files on a dedicated web page in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for the UFO files submitted by a national news agency called PA Media.

The UK’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) set up its Flying Saucer Working Party in 1950 after a wave of UFO sightings were reported. The military program operated until 2009 when it was closed. British UFO investigators concluded that the reports showed no evidence of any threat and recommended: “that no further investigation of reported mysterious aerial phenomena be undertaken.”

The RAF reports filed its voluminous UFO reports in England’s National Archives. Many were classified until a future authorized release date. National Archive reports show that the MoD continued official UFO investigations in other departments after the Flying Saucer Working Party was disbanded.

Until 1967, MoD policy called for destroying UFO files at intervals of five years, wiping them from the slate of history. Since 1970, most surviving MoD UFO files have been reviewed for eventual release at The National Archives due to public interest in the taboo topic.

This is not the first time the Brits have come clean about secret extraterrestrial phenomena. On August 5, 2010, the UK online files that covered hundreds of UFO sightings. Some of the documents in this massive data dump revealed that the MoD discussed UFOs at a joint intelligence committee meeting in 1957.

Another intriguing piece of historical evidence previously released by the British National Archive is a spreadsheet that lists the date, time, location, occupation of the observer (where relevant), and a description of the event.

Consider this report from January 2009 where a person whose identity was not given shared seeing something startling in the skies above the Welsh town of Cardigan in Cardiganshire:

“Five rather big orange things flew over the witness. He was terrified.”

On May 3, 2009, a pilot spotted an unexpected aircraft near Otmoor in Oxfordshire:

“A shiny black flying cylinder, 20-30ft long at about 4700ft which was 200ft above the pilot’s aircraft. Although the pilot sighted the object. Air Traffic Control forwarded details to the UFO Desk.”

The same day, a different pilot seeing unusual spheres in the Ammanford region of Dyfed:

“Seven orange orbs that suddenly disappeared. They were on a North-South trajectory. Witness contacted Cardiff Air Traffic Control who had nothing on radar.”

On August 1, a police officer named Michell Coldon reported:

“17 UFO’s above village. Red and green lights, no sound.”

On September 9, another pilot flying over West Wickham in Kent saw:

“Series of 30 or more orange lights which then disappeared after moving at speed.”

Four days later, on September 13, a Royal Navy Air Traffic Controller claimed to have seen a fleet of UFOs:

“Seven silent objects emitting a bright orange light. One group of three and then singles. Traveled at about 100 knots then turned right.”

Then, on September 17, a former pilot on a course above Findon Valley in West Sussex described his close encounter:

“Saw an extremely bright star like light in sky. Continued flying then started to climb vertically no change in speed the dimmed and disappeared to a faint light.”

Given the extensive quantity of official UFO reports in the UK, it’s exciting to anticipate the unveiling of British UFO reports covering unexplained sightings from 1950 to 2009.

For the record, the British MoD investigators discounted every single UFO report between 1950-2009 as hoaxes, hallucinations or ordinary objects that had been misidentified (think meteors, swamp gas, and Venus).

We can never know what someone else saw. But we do know for sure that the British government spent taxpayer money for 59 years investigating UFOs. And that, in and of itself, speaks volumes.

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