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Key-Shaped UFO Just Spotted Over Massachusetts

“That is not of this world…THAT IS NOT OF THIS WORLD!”

So exclaimed one excited eyewitness in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, where a few weeks ago a video was captured of an unidentified flying object shaped like an old-timey skeleton key pointing down. The sighting occurred in clear daylight no further away than the length of a football field.

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On March 8, two men were walking along a soccer field when they noticed something odd overhead. One of them, who prefers to remain anonymous, whipped out his camera and hit Record.

“Let’s go underneath it,” one male voice suggests.

The camera operators pan to the right and the same voice points out:

“OK, so, that’s an airplane…”

Panning to the left and at a slightly higher angle, the viewer sees the UFO fairly clearly. It’s black and taller than it is wide.

After a very pregnant pause, the anonymous voice becomes increasingly convinced that the aerial apparition is not of earthly origin.

Zooming in closer on the uploaded ZeaL YouTube Channel video, the object no longer appears solid but is made up of four distinct blob-like segments stacked one above the other.

What could this be?

The videographer claimed that “the object flew parallel to our heads.” He estimated it to be about 300 feet away from them and as big as a helicopter. The opportunity to document a UFO was fleeting, according to the witness, who contacted Coast to Coast with George Noory, the popular paranormal talk radio show:

“By the time I got my phone out,” recalled the witness, “the object had already begun accelerating away from us.”

The surprised observer stated that the main body of the UFO, at the top, had a round shape with trailing parts aligned below:

“I could see the shape of the structure clearly, and could see the ovular shaped black orb and what appeared to be a caterpillar-like tail.”

The man also commented on the object’s speed and direction, explaining that “while it may appear to be hovering in the video, it is actually traveling forward at a great deal of speed.”

According to the witness, the “craft came close enough to us that I could distinguish only two things. One, that there was no visible human navigating the device, and two, that I have never seen anything like this before.”

The last statement wouldn’t mean much if the man in question lives in a cave and never watches the sky but he claimed familiarity with and the ability to distinguish between drones and other aircraft aloft – and stated this thing was neither.

Ufologists are speculating about what the Plymouth observers saw. One theory is that the four blobs are alien orbs that were clustered together.

Blobby spheres that stick together start to sound a lot like a bunch of balloons tied together with string. It’s even conceivable that a bunch of balloons could get caught in a powerful air current and shoot away at a high speed.

But the witnesses think otherwise. How could balloons fly in such a rigid (though undulating) formation, keeping its distinctive shape as it moves accelerates and speeds away?

Chery Costa is an expert on UFO statistics. She and her wife Linda Miller Costa compiled 14 years of actual reported sightings and sorted them by the wheres, whats, and whens. The results, published in the first-of-its-kind book UFO Sightings Desk Reference: United States of America 2001-2015, sometimes contradict the conventional wisdom about unknown aerial objects.

Costa saw her first UFO when she was 12 years old. The military veteran is a retired information security professional from the aerospace industry. She has been a speaker at the International UFO Congress and at the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Symposium. The engaging presenter writes the UFO column “New York Skies” for

Ever the prolific author and journalist, Costa cataloged UFO shapes, removing anything that could easily be viewed as human-made. Excluded were boomerangs, chevrons, cigars, cylinders, bullets, missiles – and even triangles because they might be an experimental TR-3B aircraft.

The list of remaining shapes is impressive, not only in how many configurations there are – from 597 Blimps to 8 Dumbells – but also the thousands and tens of thousands of shapes flying overhead that made it onto an official record.

Noticeably absent from Costa’s inventory of UFO shapes is a Key.

However, 5,976 Ovals (think orb) were reported.

Was the key-shaped UFO sighted in the Massachusetts sky a troop of alien orbs that were camera-shy? Or did some party or promotional balloons escape the bonds of Earth, only to soar away?

Watch the video. What do you think?

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