Michael F. Strong

Left Will Use Coronavirus to Perpetrate Voter Fraud!

Attorney General William Barr recently announced that we will have a zero-tolerance policy for those who commit scams or fraud regarding the coronavirus outbreak.

But, one thing he failed to warn about, is how the left can use the COVID-19 crisis to perpetrate voter fraud in the upcoming elections.

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The Democratic National Committee’s call to expand voting by mail is an exploitation of the coronavirus outbreak that invites voter fraud, charged Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. The left, he said on Twitter, is “using pretext of the Coronavirus outbreak to push nonsecure ‘vote by mail’ free for all, no voter ID anywhere for 2020 elections.”

DNC Chairman Tom Perez urged states earlier this week to expand vote-by-mail, absentee balloting and polling station hours to keep the Democratic primaries going amid the outbreak, reported OANN.

For example, in Florida, where Biden defeated Sanders 62% to 23%, nearly 700,000 Democrats had returned mail-in ballots, an increase of 27% from the 2016 Florida primary.

Just 500,000 Florida Democrats voted at polling stations on Election Day, a 40% decrease from 2016.

Earlier this month in a speech at CPAC on March 10, Fitton noted that Judicial Watch has a “massive project” to force states and local jurisdictions to clean up their voter rolls.

Judicial Watch conducted a study last year, he said, in which it found 2.5 million extra names on the voter rolls.

He asked the CPAC audience, “Why would the left so reflexively oppose clean election rolls, voter ID, citizenship verification for voting and promote dangerous practices like ballot harvesting?”

He answered his own rhetorical question by saying, “I think it’s because they want to be able to steal elections, when necessary.” he said.

What do you think of this allegation that the left will use COVID-19 as an excuse to commit voter fraud on a grand scale? Please reply using the comments below.

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