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Does US 5G Debut Threaten Your Neighborhood?

Fans of 5G uber-fast cell service say it will change our lives in a good way by providing faster communications for wireless mobile devices. Other advantages touted include smoother video streaming and faster uploads. They want a speedy and unobstructed rollout of their shiny new toy.

Carefree and grateful users will be able to connect all of their “smart” (internet-capable) devices online with fewer delays. Communication will be instantaneous and seamless. Life will be better and people will ask how they ever managed without the great and glorious 5G technology?

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But people gaga over 5G are evidently oblivious to the growing health and wellness concerns being raised by scientists, industry insiders, and watchdog consumers. Powerful microwave radiation from extremely tall cell towers has been linked to a wide variety of medical complaints, from headache to nausea to cancer.

The EMF Safety Network adds fatigue, anxiety, learning and memory disorders, heart problems, and sleep disorders to exposure to effects produced by always-on electromagnetic (EM) fields generated by cell phones and cell towers.

Independent studies on electromagnetic (EM) and radio frequency (RF) technology revealed hazards associated with 5G years ago. These cautions have fallen on deaf ears among the profit-seeking telecoms and the federal government. A letter from the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) dated August 30, 2013, stated:

“It became clear to AAEM physicians that by the mid-1990s patients were experiencing adverse health reactions and disease as a result of exposure to electromagnetic fields.”

The AAEM letter went on to say that the previous five years had seen “an exponential increase” in cases of disease and hypersensitivity. Peer review studies in 2013 had linked RF exposure to “neurological and neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease, ALS, paresthesias, dizziness, headaches and sleep disruption as well as cardiac, gastrointestinal and immune disease, cancer, developmental and reproductive disorders, and electromagnetic sensitivity.”

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) was formed to find out if using cell phones causes adult head and neck cancers. Data from 13 countries showed some evidence of an increased risk of glioma (a carcinogenic tumor) among heavy users – the highest 10 percent of cumulative hours of cell phone use. The study revealed no consistent trend of rising risk with greater duration of use.

Because the long-term use of cell phones did correlate positively to more malignant tumors, the IARC classified RF emissions as a possible human carcinogen and categorized it as a Group 2B carcinogen.

The telecommunications industry players who stand to profit from the fifth-generation wireless network – 5G – after almost ten years of planning and development, have conducted no rigorous research on the possible pitfalls of smothering wide swaths of the earth with high-frequency radio emissions.

Having performed no research, the industry experts nonetheless assure us that untested 5G is a helper, not a harmer. Not everyone is convinced. Opposition to this draconian scheme come from both sides of the political aisle as liberal and conservatives, and independents all in agreement that 5G is dangerous.

AT&T and Verizon are already rolling out 5G, like it or not. Limited rollouts started in 2018 and continued throughout 2019. This year, the stakes have been raised. T-Mobile and Sprint have joined the frenzied fray as telecom providers scramble to reap heaps of revenues from this brave new communication tech.

A map from All News Pipeline shows U.S. cities that now have or soon will have 5G dosing everyone near it with silent, invisible RF waves. Young children are “much more susceptible to the negative health effects of wireless radiation due to the relative thinness of their skulls compared to the skulls of adults.”

Communities across the nation are objecting to small cell sites in residential areas, saying they are eyesores that threaten to lower property values and cause serious health problems.

The Mill Valley City Council in California is one example of a group of concerned citizens who are just saying no to the telecom industry. The tony Marin County town activated an urgency ordinance to prohibit any 5G rollout before any companies sent them a deployment proposal. Marin residents “packed the council chambers” to let their elected officials know that it’s not okay to let cell phone companies build 5G towers in their county.

AT&T has already switched on 5G service in major metropolitan areas even though few devices today can connect to it. The following cities are currently being subjected to 5G radiation:

Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Louisville, Nashville, New Orleans, New York City, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Raleigh, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, and Waco.

AT&T plans to add Chicago, Cleveland, and Minneapolis to its list of subjugated cities in 2020.

Verizon 5G emissions are blanketing Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Providence, Sacramento, St. Paul, and Washington DC.

Verizon’s 2020 expansion plan is ambitious and includes Boston, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Des Moines, Denver, Houston, Kansas City, Little Rock, Memphis, Providence, San Diego, and Salt Lake City.

For more information about the risks of 5G radiation poisoning and how to keep it out of your neighborhood, visit the EMF Safety Network website for everything you need to organize an effective protest.

Act now…before it’s too late.

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