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USAF Abducted Human Woman Aboard Crashed UFO In 1971

Alien spacecraft have been plummeting to the Earth’s surface for ages. In the United States, the first documented crash is thought to be the one at Cape Girardeau, Missouri, in 1941.

As I covered previously, “three bodies, not human,” were recovered at the Missouri crash site, located near the mighty Mississippi River. Ufologist¬†Leonard Stringfield investigated the case and reported:

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“It was hard to tell if these ETs were wearing clothes, but they were covered head to foot in what looked like wrinkled aluminum foil.”

The four-foot-tall beings fit the classic description of gray aliens, with large, oval-shaped eyes, no noses, no ears (just holes), no lips, and small slits for mouths.

A military officer at the crash site imposed what may have been the first official U.S. UFO coverup, advising witnesses to keep their mouths shut about the incident after confiscating all photographs taken at the site.

Cuban-born Albert Rosales immigrated to the United States in 1966. While living in Cuba, the young man experienced paranormal incidents that continued as an adult after relocating to the U.S.

Rosales began collecting data on close encounters from worldwide sources in the late 1980s. His database contains over 18,000 entries and is updated and corrected daily. The life-long investigator has published numerous books on the alien-human connection.

One singular case in Rosales’ vast collection of UFO cases involved a California resident named Lorraine Dvorak Cordini. Sometime during the summer of 1971, a small UFO shaped like a mushroom had crashed near Edwards Air Force Base (AFB).

The military report indicated that the UFO was a dull gun-metal gray color that measured about 10-12 feet in diameter and 5-7 feet tall. It had greenish lights and no windows. There were no markings but the exterior seemed to be scratched. The UFO had no seams and seemed to be molded in one piece. The texture was smooth.

Eyewitness Debbie Clayton said that a loud roaring sound followed by a loud crash got her attention. Outside, she could see a cloud of dust several blocks away so she walked to the crash site for a closer look. Other residents were already on the scene, studying the craft.

Cordini had been onboard with three gray humanoid beings. One of them was alive, too. The USAF swooped in to cart off the UFO, dead bodies, and the two survivors (one human, one alien) to Edwards AFB.

The military arrived, weapons drawn. An Air Force officer ripped a camera from the hands of a curious onlooker and smashed it without trying to remove the film. Military personnel instructed the civilians who had gathered to leave or they would be arrested.

Thus shielded from close public scrutiny, the military men covered the craft with a large canvas with attached cables used to lift it onto a flatbed truck. Once secured and hidden from view, the UFO was spirited away and never disclosed by the USAF to national newspapers or radio stations.

People were told that a technical malfunction had caused the loud crash near Edwards AFB. (That was certainly true for the UFO.)

Cordini recalled later that the pod-like craft she was aboard came from a mothership in space and was heading to Earth to return her. She was wearing a pink bodysuit that fit tightly.

Then, the UFO crashed and the abductee found herself suddenly standing amid the wreckage. She saw one dead alien far to her left, barely visible from where she stood. The second dead alien was about 20 feet in front of her. A military person seemed to be kicking the alien’s dead body, perhaps to make sure it wasn’t still alive.

The third alien crewmember was alive and stood about 20 feet from her, looking dazed, confused and disoriented, as did she.

In this state of post-traumatic shock, Cordini felt her arms jerk backward as a military man grabbed them and handcuffed her. While being hauled off, the “captain” aboard the mothership, a 6-foot tall humanoid female with short brown hair in a long white gown, communicated to Cordini by putting an image in her mind.

The ET leader was sorry she couldn’t help the human and alien crash victims because, if they did, they would be detected by the U.S. military and captured or killed, their spacecraft seized for reverse engineering. Other aliens with the mothership’s captain shared her emotions: frustration and helplessness.

Cordini’s last conscious memory was being thrown into the back seat of a black limousine. Under medical hypnosis, she remembered that she had been lain out on a cold metal table in a hangar. Three military men stood to the left of the table. Another uniform was at the right side of Lorraine’s head. To his left was an alien described by Cordini as having a pumpkin-shaped head.

The alien was about 4 feet tall with a bulbous, brown body. Cordini had seen the alien before as a child when he dangled outside a window wearing a deep-sea diver’s suit (or a spacesuit).

The next thing Cordini remembered was being yanked off the metal table and being dragged outside the hangar. She was greeted by flashing red lights that she thought were the police.

The military men put Cordini on a bus and transported her to San Francisco, stranding the lost, disoriented woman they had abducted from the UFO crash site.

Cordini’s account doesn’t state that the aliens who were returning her to Earth were friendly but they were sympathetic after the USAF abducted her forcibly, tossing her around like a rag doll, for their above-top-secret purposes.

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    It’s hard for me to understand how aliens, with all their high tec can have major malfunctions like this. Is there something in our atmosphere that affects them?

  2. Post Author

    Well! Wasn’t that the time of the Atom bomb and other technologies which was messing up the power grids at the time? That would throw the UFO off course. Naturally Cordini was a human from our society in which the Aliens from other worlds was keeping tabs on her. Possibly for research and experiments. Obviously the Aliens with this team, did not want to hurt Cordini. She would have been gone from childhood. Remember in the story that she remembers the people from the crash from Childhood. So that means they were all freindly from this partially group. Just like from this earth, there is good and there is bad.

    It looked like the worst enemy in this case, was the United States government that was probably ruin by the CIA, CIA was from captured ex-Nazi scientist from Germany and Poland during WWII.

    Believe She was treated UnAmerica, because the people of the CIA, FBI and the US Force were operating under people that did not have the America people nor the worlds interest.

    I would love to meet these awesome people from that other planet.

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