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Is God, Satan, or the Government Responsible for COVID-19?

The current COVID-19 pandemic is without a doubt like no other virus-related illness yet to be witnessed by any individual. This particular illness has traveled and affected millions of people all over the world, and as a result, many are wondering who should get the credit for such a phenomenon.

Many say that God gave the earth COVID-19 because He was tired off the human destruction upon the land and that He wanted to send us a message that would help us to unify with our families. Others say that Satan is to blame with his demonic agenda that is established to bring the world to its knees by way of death and destruction.

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Then, there are those who credit the current pandemic to the government…which in some cases has been called both God and the Devil simultaneously. So, who’s to blame for our current situation?

God told us this would happen in the book of Revelations!

In the Bible, the book of Revelations discusses how man would suffer the end of times with illness and forced conditions that would make us choose between God and the ways of the world. Lately, it’s not just Christians who are crediting this pandemic with a holy entity and it’s not just Bible-thumpers who are beginning to believe that God has something to do with all of this.

Many are stating on social media that they believe that God created the pandemic to bring families back together because they were falling apart. According to some individuals, the COVID-19 illness is responsible for helping families to come back together and realize the importance of their position within the lives of one another. Fathers are back home, mothers are focusing on their children, and children are home experiencing family life.

What could be better? No one seems to mention, however, that the illness has the power to kill and that it has already taken lives all over the world. Maybe that’s the price to pay for family unity.

Satan opened the door to COVID-19 to wreak havoc and take lives!

Then, there are those who credit the pandemic as being conjured up by an evil spirit that has the power to eliminate all life forms. Some on social media have stated that the devil is at work and is using the pandemic to implement its plan to kill all that is good.

Supposedly, the devil has devised a way to not only kill God’s people, but it has also found a masterful way of destroying our happiness by planting fear in our hearts and mind. Thanks to the devil, we are now experiencing fear, pain, and depression—all of which seemingly ends our ability to live in the light of joy and happiness.

The government has created this pandemic to ensure world domination!

There are many conspiracy theorists online who work hard to explain how the government has devised this pandemic to push its agenda of a one-world government. According to theories, the government uses the pandemic to cover its plan of joining all finances throughout the world to ensure a financial system that will be accepted worldwide.

Additionally, some believe that the government is using the pandemic to justify microchips and mandatory vaccines that will be forced on individuals. Supposedly, if you don’t get microchipped or vaccinated, you will lose your right to move throughout the world freely. In a situation such as this, it might be understandable why a lot of people consider the government to actually be both God and Satan.

No matter what you believe to be the reason behind the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing is for sure…we are here in this very moment. The world is on lock-down, people have died, and many more will suffer from the illness. Rather than focusing on what caused this problem, maybe we should place our attention on how we can find our way out successfully. Once we see the light of day in a world that’s coronavirus free, maybe we can discover a new unity that includes our appreciation for life, liberty, and happiness.

It’s worth the thought.

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