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ISS Tracks Fleets Of UFOs Headed For Earth!

Is it time for another visit from our alien overlords?

That is the question being kicked around among the ufologists who hang out on Conspiracy Street. UFO reports have skyrocketed in 2020, perhaps because many people laid off from work from the mandatory COVID-19 precautions, that included the shuttering of businesses deemed non-essential, have more time to spend outdoors and looking out of windows.

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Or there might be more UFOs.

Or there might be more UFO hoaxers.

But we know that the International Space Station (ISS) is a trustworthy source when we can obtain any footage from the orbital platform.

Well, get this: ISS recorded hundreds of lights moving toward Earth ten days ago.

Gorden Mckenna was reviewing NASA’s live feed camera images on April 2, 2020, and spotted lots of UFOs moving purposely in the same direction – toward Earth. He called the groups of lights moving through the vastness of outer space a “fleet.”

At this point, you may want to check out the video that purports to show actual ISS streaming cam feed.

What are we looking at here? Some ufologists see an invasionary force, hell-bent for our beautiful blue marble.

UFO Sightings Hotspot had already reported that “a first wave of UFOs and unknown space anomalies/debris appeared in February through the first week of March.”

The UFO fleet captured by ISS cameras is “part of the second wave that started a week ago and is just one of the many formations that fly by,” according to the researchers.

Both waves have come from the same direction.

Video documentation from the orbital space station is hard for civilians to get. As I wrote before in an article titled UFOs Seen By NASA Near The International Space Station – Again, “the sheer number of videos showing NASA live feed cutting out when a UFO appears is nothing short of shocking.”

UFO reports from around the world are on the rise. While most sightings occur at night, daytime observers have also reported mysterious lights above.

For many years, an enormous volume of UFO footage has been captured in Mexico and Central and South American countries. Some military radar images were made public as that culture adapts to “new” information about the UFO phenomenon.

Who might be steering a fleet of UFOs toward Earth?

The oldest accounts of human origin exist within ancient Sumerian texts that have been translated and are well understood.

The following information is not intended to offend anyone who holds a different belief system. This is what some UFO researchers speculate might be true as we connect the dots despite difficulty getting reliable data.

In a nutshell, the pragmatic and urbane Sumerians documented that a technology-advanced alien race (the Annunaki) needed gold to repair the atmosphere of their dying planet.

Their home world (Nibiru) orbits our Sun every 3,600 years in a long, drawn-out ellipse. Imagine stretching out the ends of a flexible racetrack to make it longer and more narrow.

When Nibiru makes a close approach to Earth – presumably, every 1,800 years (half an orbital cycle) – the Annunaki can take advantage of the celestial mechanics and hop on over to Earth to check in and take stock of the situation.

At one of these close approaches, the Annunaki determined that South Africa on Earth was rich in gold deposits. They landed in the Mt. Sinai area and set up spaceports in northern Africa.

Finding gold mining too hard a toil for the slave race they brought with them to do this (the Igigi). It took a few attempts, but the Annunaki managed to bioengineer Homo sapiens sapiens, a hybrid of Neantherdal man and their own genetic material.

Man was created “in their image” to serve the creator “gods,” bred to be gold miners in the hot African sun – the Cradle of Civilization.

Mining camps littered the South African landscape as new archaeological evidence shows. The scale of these mineral extraction operations is mind-boggling. There are also incredible fossil finds of giant-sized, anatomically-correct organs and bones – some with meat still on them.

Noah’s flood wiped out the giants (Nephalim) and most of the humans. Only the few who heeded the angels’ warnings survived the 40-day, 40-night nonstop deluge. They were the seed for new generations. The world population in April 2020 stands at 7.7 billion.

Is it time for another visit from the Annunaki who, thanks to the length of their solar year, live thousands of years?

If that happened, a scene remarkably similar to the one described in the biblical Book of Revelation could occur, with an Annunaki ruler taking the place of Jesus Christ.

Perhaps Lords Enki and Enlil themselves might show up to separate the obedient and faithful from the upstarts among their global flocks, as the Sumerian texts say will happen?

ISS might just have revealed our alien overlords bearing down on Earth for a pop inspection to right the wrongs of humankind, their grand science experiment.

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