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We Promised Our Soul for 5G and Now We Refuse to Pay the Price

It’s amazing how we tend to bark our disdain at major corporations like Verizon, Sprint, and a host of other mega-corporations that are responsible for the deadly 5G towers that people are crying about throughout the world. Without a doubt, the 5G towers are more deadly than the corporations will ever tell us, but can we place all the poisonous blame on the corporations alone?

Aren’t we somewhat responsible in some way for the technological advancements that are slowly killing us all? If the cat has your tongue and you can’t seem to answer right away, then I’ll do it for you…YES. Yes, we are partial to blame for the technological war in which we are currently living, and it’s high time that we accept our share of the responsibility!

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Corporations are greedy…yeah, yeah…your point!

We have all blamed corporations for being greedy, power-hungry, monopolies that could care less about the wellbeing of the people they profess to serve. We call corporate leaders power-starved capitalists who are more interested in their bottom line than they are the human spirit. If this is true, let’s take a moment to analyze why corporations are so greedy—in addition to figuring out who tends to feed them.

Corporations are merely businesses that are established to fulfill a need or want. This can come in the form of a service or a product…whichever is in demand. The businesses simply see a need, fill it, and then charge money for the service or product that they provide. It’s really that simple. The corporations are not the devil, they’re not gods, and they are not the Anti-Christ. They are only what we the public allow them to be.

People are also greedy…get the point!?

Human beings have proven that they continuously need a life that is completely bionic. We want things to move faster because we are so impatient, we want things to look better because we tend to be so vain, and we want things to be easier because we tend to be a bit lazy. There is nothing wrong with these facts if you take into consideration that they are true and that they come at a deadly price.

Wanting more—and our being more than willing to pay for more—is exactly what feeds greedy corporations. Take for example the latest Apple iPhone. Upon introduction to the general population, the iPhone can range anywhere from $1,000 to $1,300. People run to the stores to purchase these phones because they want the latest and the greatest. We are hungry for service that can make our lives easier and we want products that allow us to stand out from the rest.

We want all of these things, which is why corporations step up to fill our demands. They dedicate millions of dollars to investigate us, study our spending habits, and then create products that will make us more than willing to hand our money over to them. We willingly oblige and we do so with great pride. We are not afraid to spend money on things we really don’t need, and the corporations know this.

Given the fact that we are just as greedy as the corporations, should it come as any surprise that there might be a higher price to pay? We give up our souls the moment we give in to our desire to have more things at any and all cost. Some of us forgo paying our debts (which, by the way, is a promise you made to the creditors the moment you took their money) and we will instead purchase things that make us feel good. How many of us really need all of the upgraded gadgets, front-lace wigs, designer clothing, designer shoes, latest car, or all of the other items that simply serve our ego? It’s a bit obvious, when you think about it, really. We are no better than the corporations that serve us.

Now we must pay…and not with money

It’s unfortunate that there are some individuals who did not give in to their own desire for more, yet they will still be forced to pay for our greed. The 5G towers that are slowly finding their way into everyone’s community are going to affect us all in dangerous proportions. Whether you own a cellphone, smart tv, or laptop really doesn’t matter anymore. The radiation from the towers is more powerful than the previous cell towers and we will all feel it in one way or another.

The issue is our level of complaining and griping over the fact that our health is now being compromised. We are blaming the greedy corporations for killing us slowly with products that emit deadly radioactive waves, yet we continue to ignore the direct link back to ourselves. We purchase microwaves, cellphones, smart tv’s, and a host of other items that entertain us and fail to see the fine print.

We simply fail to see that the moment we went out of our way to buy these things, we made an unconscious pact that we were willing to support whatever it took to keep the goods coming. The big rush by the corporations to introduce 5G technology came when they saw that society was oversaturating the 4G and they wanted more. They answered the call, and we went running. Now, we are trying to run back and say that we are no longer interested in selling our own soul for the things that we have been given. Is it too late?

It’s never too late to turn back…but are we willing?

If everyone in the world, or even half of everyone, simply stopped purchasing certain items due to their effect on our health, then the corporations would follow. They are only interested in our money, so they will provide any product or service that we are willing to pay for. Interested in giving up red meat but not hamburgers? Can you say, hello Beyond Burger! If they are only interested in money, and we are their money source, then why can’t we see that the power lives within us all?

The corporations are not the evil source…maybe we are. We control what they produce because they produce what they think we want based on our spending trends. It’s not that hard to figure out, really. The only question is how interested we are, as a whole, to turn this thing around? Are we truly in too deep or are we simply not willing to admit that we are happy with our stuff, we want more things, and we are willing to pay the price for them?

If this is so, then stop complaining about 5G towers, unless of course, you don’t own a cellphone, laptop, smart tv, and a host of other items—on top of your desire to live a life that’s easy and free. We asked for more, and now we must pay the price that was outlined in the fine print.

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