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You’ll Soon Beg to be Microchipped and Vaccinated

There are a multitude of individuals who currently brag about their ability to stand strong in their belief that human microchipping and mandatory vaccines won’t ever happen to them. They feel that they will never allow the government to tell them that they must participate in activities that invade their body.

Without a doubt, they have a point. The whole purpose of living in the United States is that we are a part of a democracy where we have the right to make choices that concern our own lives. For this reason, the government is using COVID-19 to establish a system that will soon make you beg to become microchipped and vaccinated.

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Human microchipping will never happen to me!

There are many of us who feel that placing a microchip in our hands that has the capacity to hold our identity and bank information is a joke that will never be told. We feel that placing a computer chip in our bodies would somehow turn us into a machine that can be both manipulated and controlled by the government. The unfortunate thing in this concept is that we may find ourselves getting chipped sooner than we think—and the worst part is that we will do so voluntarily.

The government will probably state that the new economic system is one that will exclude paper or coins for currency. Instead, all governments throughout the world will agree that one currency will suffice. This currency will no doubt be “cloud money” that will only exist through technology. What does this mean?

It means that cryptocurrency will be the money that will be accepted globally, and it will probably be the only currency allowed to be used. If you are unfamiliar with Bitcoin, then you might want to start reading up on the currency right now. This money is a part of a blockchain that disenfranchises—if not eliminates—all private banks. It allows individuals the freedom to control their own money without being screwed over by the larger corporate banking systems.

Thus far, world leaders are very excited about this currency because it can be accepted anywhere by anyone. What does this have to do with microchipping? Well, let’s just say that you won’t need credit cards and paper money because they won’t do you any good. This is where the computer chips come into the fold. They will hold all of our essential information so that we can make purchases without the need for physical credit cards, and so forth.

Unfortunately, if we are interested in buying food for our families, purchasing gas, paying our bills, and so forth, then we will probably get chipped if it is the only wat to survive in this system. The government won’t have to force anyone to get chipped because they will set up a system that will make life unbearable for those who don’t have their own computer tube inside their hand.

It’s a perfect setup and it’s being established right now. The COVID-19 pandemic has placed us in a nasty economic crisis that will require a solution that all world leaders can agree upon. This solution will come in the form of one currency that all governments can use to stop the bleeding that is currently daunting their country. This currency will also be included in a microchip that will eventually hold an individual’s identity and financial information.

I’m an antivaccination soldier and I’ll never give in!

For those of you who stand firm in your belief that you will never allow the government to force you to get a vaccine, I have only one thing to say: We’ll see. Currently, governments throughout the world are complaining that COVID-19 has ravished the people of their country.

To make matters worse, they have medical experts confirming the fact that the coronavirus is not only contagious but that it can also come back to those who were cured of it. This means that they are slowly setting up the playing field to establish a situation where we will not only want the vaccine when it becomes available, but we will probably beg for it.

The vaccine, whether it will work or not, is going to be associated with our personal freedom. This means that in order for you to go out of your home, you will have to prove that you and your family have been vaccinated. This means that until you take the vaccine against “coronavirus” you won’t be able to travel, leave your house, see your friends, or anything else that would require you to leave your home. You and your family will be quarantined in your home—or possibly relocated to a quarantine camp—so that you and your family won’t infect others.

This sounds extreme, but this is what’s happening in places throughout the world right now. In some countries, they are not only quarantining those who have coronavirus, but they are also quarantining those who were in contact with them (even if they are found not to have the virus itself).  By associating the vaccine with freedom, many people will run to get vaccinated. We can all stand firm in our faith that we will never get a vaccine, but what happens when our personal liberties, freedom, and our lives are at stake? This will be the true test.

All in all, we do have choices in this matter. We can choose to remain steadfast in our desire to protect our freedoms and eliminate the right of the government to place these “choices” at our feet. The only problem is that we are not as unified as we would like to think…and the government knows this. Why force something when you can establish a system that will make life hell for those who refuse to comply? This is the new game, the board is being set up, and we are all the pawns.

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