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FBI Keeps Track Of Alien Abductees

As if being abducted by aliens and subjected to mind control and probing medical exams weren’t bad enough, evidence shows that the United States government took a keen interest in such cases. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) snooped on people who claimed to have had close encounters of the ET kind, all the while maintaining that “you must be crazy to believe in UFOs.”

Crazy like a fox, based on documents retrieved by researchers filing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) classified information requests. One established paranormal investigator is Nick Redfern, prolific author, lecturer, and television personality. I had the pleasure of meeting Redfern at a UFO conference three years ago and can attest to his ability to research and present solid documentation.

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Redfern made FOIA requests and “obtained the FBI’s files on such Contactees as Dr. Frank Stranges, George Van Tassel, Truman Bethurum, George Adamski, and George Hunt Williamson” – all notable UFO abductees from the 1950s and 1960s.

Ufologists tend to agree that the U.S. government took a special interest in those paranormal experiencers due largely to their political affiliations during the post-WWII Cold War that pitted Americans against Russians, the world’s two leading nuclear powers. Close encounters with UFOs were documented as relevant to official inquiries on possible Communist sympathizers.

The late Dr. Stranges founded the National Investigations Committee on UFOs, was president of the International Evangelical Crusades, and of the International Theological Seminary of California. He wrote a book, Stranger at the Pentagon, which told the story of Captain “Valiant Thor” from Venus, dispatched to Earth in 1957 to offer some friendly inter-planetary advice on how to better our world without blowing everything up in a nuclear holocaust.

Stranges claimed that Val met with President Dwight D. Eisenhower and members of the Joint Chiefs, reportedly in the Pentagon on March 16, 1957. Val Thor, as he was sometimes called, resembled the extraterrestrial visitor Klaatu (played by Michael Rennie) in the epic 1951 sci-fi classic, The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Val appeared completely human, stated Stranges when he first met the man who was “about six feet tall, perhaps 185 pounds, brown wavy hair, brown eyes. His complexion appeared normal and slightly tanned.”

Stranges revealed the Venusian’s reason for visiting Washington, DC:

“He told me that his purpose in coming was to help mankind return to the Lord. He spoke in positive terms…always with a smile on his face. He said that man was further away from God than ever before, but there was still a good chance if man looks in the right place. He told me he had been here nearly three years and would depart in just a few months.”

Whether you believe Dr. Stranges’ far-out account or not, a slim FBI file on the insider UFO/ET whistleblower was declassified after his death in 2008. From it, we know that Richard Hall (veteran UFO researcher and then-secretary of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena – NICAP) had made discreet contact with the FBI, offering to share his knowledge with the federal criminal investigators.

Hall’s allegations against Dr. Stranges spanned a period from August to October 1960. The FBI file ended with these observations about the man who leaked the Valiant Thor story:

“Dr. Stranges is an evangelist. Based on his background, numerous addresses and organizations which he has had and the fact that he claims to have talked to an individual from the planet Venus, it appears he may also be something of a confidence man.”

George Van Tassel is most famous for constructing his Integratron, an odd, dome-shaped building that served as a “uniquely resonant tabernacle and energy machine sited on a powerful geomagnetic vortex in the magical Mojave Desert.”

Beginning in 1952, Van Tassel said encounters with spacemen started. At first, these alien beings warned of impending global destruction coupled with messages of universal peace. Soon, they told him how to build a structure capable of reversing the aging process. Van Tassel worked on The Integratron, as it was called, for years but never completed it.

In his book Contactees: A History of Alien-Human Interaction, Redfern explains the historical significance of the impact these two UFO eyewitnesses had on our society:

“A band of eerily human-looking, blond-haired aliens – later known as the Space-Brothers – informed other contactees that they were concerned by our warlike ways and wished us to live in peace with one another. Acting on the advice of the Space-Brothers, contactees such as George Van Tassel and George Adamski went out and spread the extraterrestrial word to anyone and everyone who would listen. And many did, including U.S. government agencies.”

Redfern and other dedicated ufologists, myself included, understand that the aliens are still here, have been here long before us, and may be here well after humans are gone.

Likewise, UFO and ET experiencers continue to share their contact stories, many of which include government surveillance, threats, and even murder.

Are we listening? (The FBI is.)

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    Were abductees charted randomly, or were they logged for the purpose of controlling information leaks as part of Eisenhower’s covenant with the Greys? And are the Greys what they appear to be, or are they merely demons in disguise?

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