Larry H

The Royal Reign of Queen Pelosi

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a Democrat because she is an autocrat – a person who believes that a few elitists should rule over the masses.  Democrats believe in big powerful regulatory governments.  That, by definition, is autocracy.  She is not just AN autocratic, she is the premier Autocrat.

If the United States were a monarchy, Pelosi would be Queen Nancy. She possesses the bearing, the look and temperament of a 19th Century monarch.  As with traditional monarchies, Queen Nancy believes that all rights and privileges flow FROM the seat of power to the peasants – and that she, above all others, makes those decisions by decree.

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Her queenly instincts were seen when she led her royal court – more commonly known as the Congressional Democrat caucus – in a failed attempt to dethrone the Prime Minister chosen by the people.

In the spirit of the British King Henry II dealing with Thomas Becket, she would charge her ministers to rid her of that troublesome Prime Minister – although not quite as permanently.

As her minions called for the fall of the PM, she expressed her own doctrine – that the justices of the High Court had no authority over her agents and her domain.  And even when the matter was to be decided by the House of Lords, Queen Nancy demanded that they not only support her decision, but they must follow her rules.

The Covid-19 pandemic provided Queen Nancy with yet another opportunity to extend her power.  She disbanded to the Lower Chamber – sending the representatives of the people into confinement and house arrest far from her castle on Capitol Hill – even as the House of Lords remained in session to deal with the crisis.

Her Highness then proposed that the majority members of the Lower Chamber assign their votes to her so that she alone could craft decrees that she alone could enact.  The proposal would end 231 years of democratic principles in that legislative body and make Queen Nancy the most powerful figure in the United States.

American Founding Father Benjamin Franklin cautioned the people that they had a Republic “if you can keep it.”  Queen Nancy is no Republican because she is no republican.  In fact, she is not even a small-d democrat.

So, there ‘tis.

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