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Do Thunderstorms Trigger Paranormal Activity?

Do thunderstorms increase paranormal activity?

The question is an intriguing one I hadn’t previously considered. Could weather conditions influence forces normally unperceived, exposing them to human experience, or is the entire notion balderdash?

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It turns out many metaphysicists have noticed a rise in all sorts of paranormal manifestations, including ghosts and angels, when the skies turn stormy.

Retired police detective Mark Keyes, Director of the Pennsylvania Paranormal Association, confirmed this pairing:

“There are lots of people who witness hauntings, who have homes that they claim are haunted, who will tell us that when you have something such as a thunderstorm…they do have an increase in activity.”

Keyes started the investigatory group when fellow law enforcement agents said they shared his interest in looking into reported hauntings. Many had been involved in cases where homeowners said their property was haunted by fleeting shadow people or intrusive ghostly presences:

“Other people report more physical activity such as doors opening or closing, lights, or TVs turning off by themselves. Believe it or not, we’ve had a lot of reports of stereos, radios, turning themselves on when they’re not even plugged in.”

Keyes worked on a case where ornamental lights over a window turned on by themselves.

Experts on ghosts agree that these disembodied entities are typically souls and spirits who remain earth-bound after their physical bodies have become lifeless. Often, such beings feel they died inappropriately or before their time, leaving unfinished business to settle before moving on in the afterlife.

Without physical bodies, ghosts and other etheric phenomena seem to possess only mind and electro-magnetic properties, the essence, and energy of a formerly-living person devoid of its physical senses. Ghosts can sometimes communicate with humans and other animals with vocalizations (sounds and speech) and actions (moving objects).

There is a boatload of scientific documentation from dedicated ghost hunters who use measuring devices to confirm psychic impressions of otherworldly beings received within a haunted house. Paranormal equipment picks up changes within the atmosphere – it doesn’t actually detect ghosts.

A ghost is an elemental being sustained by an energetically- charged environment. Many paranormal investigators agree that a disembodied spirit needs the energy to exist and will seek out power sources. An etheric being can use the electromagnetic field around it to help manifest its presence to others.

During a seance or ghost-hunting session, disembodied spirits have “fed” on camera batteries and appliances as well as human energies, draining everything nearby. Marked changes in temperature have been logged with paranormal activity.

Keyes agreed:

“If a spirit is trying to manifest, that is, become physically visible, it will pull energy out of the environment to do that.”

A thunderstorm features loud, reverberating thunderclaps and ozone-producing lightning that charges the atmosphere. Did you know that a lightning strike rapidly heats the air to 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit, producing the sonic boom we call thunder?

Some paranormal researchers claim that loud sounds can trigger ghostly manifestations and record their demonstrations of this link between the worlds. Likewise, magnetic and electrical fields seem to link positively with measurable mystical phenomena.

Lightning is created when oppositely-charged ions build up in the clouds and on the ground. When the build-up of charged ions is greater than the resistance of the air, lightning strikes. A lightning discharge generates electromagnetic energy fields (EMF) which are linked with paranormal activity.

Regular folks and practicing metaphysicists both report an increase in paranormal phenomena soon after a lightning storm. According to Keyes:

“Our psychic medium – and this seems to be pretty common with most mediums, will say after a thunderstorm, or if there’s a moon cycle or different times of the year, they are witnessing physically a lot more activity.”

It’s hard to validate this claim since there are no official numbers from national or international organizations that collect, organize, and monitor paranormal reports. No such organizations exist.

But psychics involved in paranormal activities say that thunderstorms bring an uptick in spectral beings and ghostly displays. While the truth remains elusive, anything is possible.

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