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Is it Possible to Stop the New World Order?

Whether you realize it or not, there is something big cooking in the world kitchen! We are all a part of a huge system that is not only planning new ways to control the overall population, but it’s also working diligently on new ways to lessen that same population.

It makes sense when you think about the fact that the best way to control a population is to first get a better grip on the number of people you’re attempting to control. If it sounds confusing, it shouldn’t. There’s nothing confusing about a government that works with leaders throughout the world for one common mission: To get order.

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Getting ‘order’ in this scenario means that a few leaders will do whatever is necessary to maintain a certain structure throughout the world so that they can not only remain in power but so that they can also place themselves in a position of gods. People becoming the working minions while leaders gain wealth for themselves and their children. Depending on the side of the fence you’re standing on, it makes perfect sense. It may even sound like a great plan. Too bad the common man is the group that will more than likely get screwed in this deal.

You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to see that world leaders are coming together and communicating common interests. They all want the same thing: Money, power, and control. The unfortunate thing, however, is that they will all do anything possible to get what they want. Given this reality, the question begs if we common folks have the power to change this in any way? Do we have the power to shift this paradigm so that the common man has a say about the direction of his future?

Or is the World Order a plan that has existed and been in play for so long that there is nothing that can be done to alter it in any way? Are we merely sitting ducks, just waiting for the ‘mandatory vaccines’ and forced microchips to slowly steal our independence and well-being? If so, it’s all enough to frighten even the strongest of men when you think about it. To live in a world where you are subjected to the will of another human who has ulterior motives is something that is seemingly birthed from our worst nightmares.

There are a number of suggestions from conspiracy theorists that the current coronavirus is just the threshold to a world that will require individuals to submit to mandatory vaccines. Theorists believe that this vaccine will not only prove to be deadly, but it will be forced onto every man, woman, and child throughout the world. If you fail to take the vaccine, you will be forced to live in a camp with little to no freedom. This will be their way of ‘quarantining’ those who may pose a health risk to the mass.

Can you imagine being forced to take a vaccine that can potentially kill you? It sounds impossible, but let’s look at the FEMA camps that exist throughout the world. There are also camps being created in states that are completely isolated from society. A mere search on Google will show you the camps that have been established, although the information will be somewhat limited on the exact reason why the camps were built in the first place. Currently, world leaders are working diligently with the media to prove the danger and spread of the coronavirus. If you pay close enough attention, you will notice that the media continues to push the concept that the virus spreads easily among people by mere touching.

What the media won’t share, however, is that the common flu has killed more people than COVID-19 in the past few months alone. Rather than promoting good health, the media promotes social distancing and the possibility of a Bill Gates vaccine that will be the cure to all our problems. Once again, there is something cooking in the kitchen.

If we as a nation stood up, opened our eyes, and realized the danger that we are all currently in, we would probably be in a position to better protect ourselves. We would have the ability to deal with the current situation prior to our being forced into our homes by the military or forced to adhere to a curfew, all in an effort to stop the spread of a virus that existed since 1965. Unfortunately, most of us are so asleep that we can’t help but believe everything that we are told by the media. We trust those who shouldn’t be trusted, and we forgot that we have our own instincts that shouldn’t continue to be ignored.

All in all, there is nothing that will stop this train because it’s already moving. The best thing that we can do is practice the art of looking behind the television. See that which is not being shown and hear that which is not being said. If you listen to your instincts, you will automatically know how to do both.

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