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NWO Army Of Flu Contact Tracers Coming For You Soon!

Look out – the United States is about to become the United Health Nazi States!

The latest tactic in the grand scamdemic going on all around us is something called “contact tracing.” The people you elected to office are planning to use health and public safety as an excuse to trample your civil rights into oblivion.

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Now that American unemployment is at a record high after millions of workers were classified arbitrarily as “non-essential” and forced out of work, the impoverished jobless are being recruited by states and other localities to continue perpetuating the totalitarian plandemic, a total population control plan being sold as an essential aid to stop the spread of the very real (but not exceptionally lethal) Wuhan coronavirus.

The power-mad politicians who overturned the U.S. workforce in mid-March 2020 are still insisting that a nasty strain of flu warrants continuing the Trump administration’s so-called “total war on an unseen enemy” with measures unimagined since the Axis powers tried to take over the world in World War II.

To solve one of many serious and life-threatening problems they created, abruptly and with no notice, the Health Nazis have created a brand new job for the “new normal” society they have plotted for years.

The task of this new cadre of an estimated 100,000-300,000 contact tracers will be to hunt down anyone fingered as a dangerous threat to the community due to a real or conjectured bad case of respiratory influenza or for violating the six-foot social distancing rule – another vital component of the “new normal” – with someone else who is (or might be) infected.

Those targeted individuals will become fair game for official mobile medical law enforcement agents to enter private homes, administer a test, and take further action based on the results.

The novel workforce will be tempted with annual salaries up to $65,000 to help compile a massive government-wide surveillance database containing health, personal, travel, and other formerly-private information about as many people as they can jab-n-lab.

The Health Nazis are assuring the public that interviewers are forbidden to reveal the name of anyone else who tested positive for COVID-19 when speaking with close contacts. But never is a long time, as we all know, and tongues will wag, especially if some coin changes hands.

The plan is for interviewers to follow a pre-approved questionnaire for contact tracing case investigations. Every targeted individual who tests positive for COVID-19 will be asked the same questions to populate the government’s novel coronavirus database, a blending of everyone’s health histories and criminal law enforcement records. Required information will include birth date, address, race, ethnicity, and other questions. Allegedly, interviewers will not ask for or write down immigration status, Social Security number, financial information or marital status.

In Washington State, when public health officials find out that someone’s COVID-19 test has come back positive, an interviewer reaches out to talk to that person, usually by phone to begin a public health and safety case investigation.

The interviewer wants to identify the CV-positive person’s close contacts – anyone who has been within six feet for ten minutes or more while they were infectious.

Then, the contact tracing begins. Interviewers track down all the patient’s close contacts to tell them they might have been exposed, too. Naturally, they must be tested, too.

One ivy-league lecturer, Roger Shapiro, a professor of medicine at the NWO’s Harvard School of Public Health, backed the measure:

“I do think that it’s a fantastic job for people who have been furloughed, and it’s something that people can be trained to do.”

“Furloughed” (not working or getting paid but still receiving benefits) is evidently as close to “driven out of work by a draconian government” this white-collared, ivory-towered WHO-backed instructor can muster.

Just as with Transportation Security Administration (TSA) airport screeners who deployed in 2002 and will never go away, this suddenly-vital societal role, never seen before, will require applicants to get some schooling:

“It takes some training, but it’s not impossible to train almost anybody with reasonable social skills, who can work off a script, begin a conversation with people, convey a few key messages and collect data.”

The draconian overlords who expect the American people to swallow this swindle hook, line, and sinker are claiming that information collected during contact tracing interviews will be used exclusively by public health agencies. The data will be protected in secure systems. Interviews are strictly confidential and personal information is off-limits to anyone else.

Remembers any of the numerous scandalous data breaches where millions of consumer records have gotten hacked by cyberthieves? The claims made by the Health Nazis are ridiculous and naive at best.

These NWO medical ferrets will operate in 20 languages to make sure no one escapes medical surveillance.

Today, contact tracing is being pushed by Big Brother as helpful and necessary. To stop the spread of COVID-19, displaced workers will be re-tooled to help build a massive medical database.

Two questions spring to mind:

  1. How long will contact tracing be necessary – assuming it really is necessary now? Forever?
  2. Will using contact tracing today to focus on COVID-19 infections lay the groundwork for justifying government surveillance and intervention for any old virus?

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