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Operation Mockingbird: CIA Media Mind Control

“Whoever controls the media controls the mind.” ― Jim Morrison Have you ever seen video compilations of mainstream television news reporters reading from the same script? Late night talk show hosts love to lampoon Big Brother and Murdock Media, but the roots of this thinly veiled “program” (both in terms of a federal operation and […]

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Conspiracy Theorist – and Proud of It!

Posit: The world we live in today is the by-product of decades of post-World War II Nazi propaganda and mind control techniques, perfected by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). If you read the above statement and reacted with, “What nonsense!” you have just proven the point. The evidence for the reality of this enormous […]

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Open Immigration Serves the Democrats

The United States of America, the Land of the Free, is, speaking freely and plainly, a nation of immigrants who subjugated the indigenous people. Columbus Day protests remind us to honor Native Americans since the rest of us came from elsewhere. Since the mid-1700s, North America has been a popular destination for the poor, the […]

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