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Beware Racist Chocolate Bars!

The British confectionery giant known as Cadbury has recently faced some serious backlash after deciding to celebrate India’s Independence Day with some delicious multi-colored chocolate. Yummy. The actual chocolate bar was a line of chocolates that went from light chocolates to dark chocolates…or dark to light…whichever floats your boat. The company stated that the chocolate […]

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The DNC Is Bleeding Money

The real irony and wake-up call for those critical thinking moderate Democrats – contemplating holding their collective noses come 2020 and voting for the Democratic nominee – is the dismal performance of the DNC’s fundraising. You Might Like The stunning report in June shows the party spent nearly as much as it raked in, which […]

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Why Are World Leaders Going To Antarctica?

Antarctica is a very interesting place. It is a massive continent located over the Earth’s South Pole with no owner and no government. Twelve countries have made territorial claims there and 52 nations share international control over the frozen wasteland whose harsh climate appeals only to penguins and a few other hardy animals. You Might […]

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