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Chicago Community Activists Demand National Guard: ‘It’s Out of Hand’

Chicago community activists held their own rally Sunday, in contrast to several Chicago Black Lives Matter-sponsored events, demanding that Illinois governor ignore inaction on the part of Chicago’s mayor, Lori Lightfoot, and send in Illinois National Guard troops to help control the city’s spiking violence. Activists, largely from Hispanic neighborhoods on the city’s west side, […]

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Hezbollah Hoarded Fertilizer That Blew Up Beirut, Planned to Use it Against Israel

Yesterday a massive explosion devastated Beirut, killing at least 100 and injuring thousands. Lebanese officials said the blast came from a 2750 ton stockpile of ammonium nitrate that was stored in the port. Hezbollah, the Iran backed terrorist organization that has taken over Lebanon, has a history of stockpiling the chemical in different European locations. […]

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Leftist Media Ignores Court Docs Alleging Bill Clinton Visited Epstein Island

The corporate and left-wing media has largely ignored details in newly released court documents about the Jeffrey Epstein case, in which one of Epstein’s victims alleged that former President Bill Clinton was seen on the deceased sex offender’s private island in the company of two young girls. Analysis by the nonpartisan bias-checker Ground News, which […]

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