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Bitter and Embattled Fired Navy Secretary Admits Being Part of Deep State

Former Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer, no doubt suffering from “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” continued his insubordinate and reckless behavior towards the Commander-in-Chief, forgetting once again the chain-of-command, by attempting to elevate himself as equal to the President. The loony bitter and embattled Spencer still smarting after being abruptly fired Sunday by Defense Secretary Mark […]

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FBI: Portland Is Ground Zero This Weekend

Portland, Ore., will once again become the focal point for the nation this weekend — when both Antifa thugs and so-called right-wing extremists once again descend on the “city of roses.” Both groups are expected to bring their ideologies regardless if they’re tagged by progressives as “white nationalists or white supremacists” and by conservatives as […]

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