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Famed Psychic’s Predictions for 2020

New year, new decade. It’s only a few days old, yet who isn’t dying to know what 2020 has in store?? Well, wonder no more. Here are renowned psychic, Baba “The Blind Prophet” Vanga’s predictions for 2020. However, do keep in mind that these were made before the Bulgarian mystic’s death in 1996! Vanga predicts […]

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Is 2020 Destined to Bring World Peace?

2020 could turn out to be a momentous year, and not just because Donald Trump is likely to be re-elected. Not since the arrival of the new millennium in 2000 has there been so much speculation about what a new year might bring based on the date’s apparent numerological symbolism. 2020 is often associated with […]

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Bitter and Embattled Fired Navy Secretary Admits Being Part of Deep State

Former Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer, no doubt suffering from “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” continued his insubordinate and reckless behavior towards the Commander-in-Chief, forgetting once again the chain-of-command, by attempting to elevate himself as equal to the President. The loony bitter and embattled Spencer still smarting after being abruptly fired Sunday by Defense Secretary Mark […]

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